Day 1 X4 LABS

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Day 1 X4 LABS

Post by hdnro » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:49 am

Hello fellows Xtenders,

This is the very first time I'm using X4 Labs penis extender. I bought the confort edition that included the mini Quad support.

What are my thoughts?

Well, the first time i tried it on, it didn't feel QUITE right.
It's weird as there are three methods of using 1. using the silincon band. 2. Using the confort Strap. 3. Using the velcro strap.

Amongst all three, i find using the velcro strap the most comfortable. As i have a tiny penis, 4cm flaccid and 10-11cm Erected, i opted to use the mini Quad instead and to be honest, it took some time to get it to a perfect state of stretch.

It's been 2 hours I've had this thing on while I'm studying and all i can say now is how comfortable i feel(By comfortable i mean i don't feel anything)

I'll see how it goes on my day 2!

Peace out,
Small penis guy.

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