Madden 20 coins alive and well

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Madden 20 coins alive and well

Post by bestrsgoldfast » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:23 am

Who said anything about buying it? Piracy is Madden 20 coins alive and well, amigo. I will pirate the fuck out of a game before I purchase it, simply to make sure it actually runs and I shall at least marginally enjoy the encounter. Devs like Zachtronics are a terrific example. Pirate it, play with an hour, then instantly buy it because it's amazing and it functions just like butter. I've pirated and then bought literally every game he's produced (and actually bought Shenzhen twice). Good devs and very good games deserve the backing.

Games will be pirated by people. Period. End of discussion. If your matches are"hot garbage", full of bugs and just slightly fun because you have a"fuck it boat it" mentality that prioritizes bullshit pay-to-win gotchas or DLC before providing your committed Madden player base with what they really want only for the sake of watching additional $ signs.... Fuck. You.

On the reverse side of this, if you make good games and you don't try to fuck folks out of their cash with a"fresh" iteration of the same package of hot garbage each and every year... shut up and take my cash. Make your community good games and stop attempting to repackage the same box of horseshit each and every season on the hopes that idiots are dumb enough to keep on forking over money for the specific same shit you rolled out last year. EA is the fucking life-sucking, dollar grabbing cancer of game development community. Hell yeah, I pirate their games. They have fucked me and everybody else. Difficult pass.

Can I be the only person who feels like madden 18 was the maybe not so broken? I've only ever had one thing happen in sport, and it worked out in my favor. I threw a pass and it buy Mut 20 coins was intercepted, but since two of those teams Madden players went for the ball, the man kinda caught. Lower guy that currently had the dude with the ball in hand ran him out of bounds without the guy ever putting his feet on the ground. Aside from that, no issue. Then I performed ew and 19. Issues everywhere.

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