5 Foods That Can Help Increase Your Sex Drive

foods-for-sex-drive-erectile-dysfunctionWhen it comes to increasing your sex drive or dealing with erectile dysfunction there are plenty of products on the market. Most of these solutions come in pill form. There are really a lot of options out there. The problem is, many of them are chemically based and require a prescription. Others are chemically based and claim to be all natural but are not regulated and have heavy side-effects. The question remains, where can a man turn if he wants to boost his sex drive naturally? The short answer is, the grocery store!

There are plenty of healthy food choices out there that won’t only have you feeling great, but that will have you performing great in the bedroom as well. The best part is, many of them taste great and unlike some sketchy Male Enhancement Pill, they are all natural and good for you.

Watermelon Isn’t Just a Refreshing Snack

This is great news seeing as watermelons make for a cool refreshing snack. It doesn’t end there though, research published by Texas A and M University concludes that watermelons contain citrulline which is converted into arginine in your body. Argenine is known to relax blood vessels and have an affect similar to Viagra to the human body. But without all the side-effects and harmful chemicals!

Wait a Minute, Chocolate is Good for Me?

The answer is yes! Chocolate consumption can be a very potent aphrodisiac, and not just for women. It is a well known fact that women love their chocolate and it is even known to float their boat, which is why it’s the ideal Valentines treat. But it is not without it’s benefits for men as well. It can make you feel very relaxed which can really help with men that suffer from pre-mature ejaculation. So this Valentine’s Day do both of yourselves a favor and share the chocolate.

This Just in, Black Raspberries are Better Than Blueberries

The black raspberry, which is often confused with the blueberry have a significant difference in health benefits. While blueberries can be very tasty and good for you, the black raspberry can give you an instant sex drive boost the natural way! And you don’t have to eat them every day either. Doctors suggest that eating just a handful of these berries just hours before sex can make you stay harder longer and help with your endurance. Impressive! What happens when you eat two handfuls?

Avocados Aren’t Just for Guacamole

This was great news for me. This is one of my favorite snack foods. These tasty treats contain both Vitamin B5 and folic acid. Two elements that studies show can drastically increase your energy level. More energy means better sexual performance and sex drive. I guess that’s why an avocado makes for the ideal breakfast. I guess it is true what they say, an avocado a day will keep the sex doctor away!

What About the Meat? Where is the Meat? In the Ocean!

Salmon is widely considered to have a number a health benefits, but did you know it can increase blood flow to your penis? How you may be wondering. Well it is in the Omega-3 which is known for improving blood circulation. Salmon is also known for increasing levels of dopamine in your body, which is the element known for happiness. So the next time you’re on a date and want to stay happy (and hard) for the rest of it, order the salmon. Both you (and your date) will be glad you did!


When it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction the best choice is the all-natural one. Many men take the easy approach and opt for Cialis or Viagra, but there are many changes to diet one can do that will have a similar effect to those drugs. Also, they won’t just help increase your sex drive, but your overall help as well. Good news is, for those of you who prefer getting these benefits in pill form, you can always go with a truly all-natural Male Enhancement Pill that is chemical free and doesn’t require a prescription, like Sinrex.