The Bizarre Story of John Wayne Bobbitt’s Severe Penis Injury then Enlargement

john-wayne-bobbitt-penisOver 22 years ago, John Wayne Bobbitt made headlines all over the world when his ex-wife Lorena Bobbitt sliced off his penis with a kitchen knife. The entire world was wondering what would happen to his manhood. Was what she did even worse than death, the debate raged on.

His wife accused him of both physical and mental abuse in order to defend herself in court. She basically pleaded temporary insanity, and it worked, because the charges were dropped and John Wayne Bobbit’s penis was reattached. They then split.

But this bizarre story does not end there. John was able to parlay his nightmare into a porn career. He appeared in a film called “Frankenpenis” shortly after Howard Stern helped him get a penis enlargement surgery. Quite the humanitarian indeed.

On Thursday, he appeared on the “The Steve Harvey Show” to refute claims she made on an earlier appearance on the very same show.

He also said he was extremely nervous if his penis would ever function properly after the incident and said 3 days into recovery, when he got a partial erection, he called his mother right away. I mean, who else would you call, right? Steve Harvey’s reaction is a MUST see.

Finally, when asked if every with his penis is alright now, he explained that not only is everything working great, but he feels he may even need an penis reduction! He has Howard Stern to thank for that.

I guess you can say that this story has a happy ending. I mean wouldn’t we all love to be in a situation where we need a penis reduction. Most of us are here to enlarge. As you can see at the end of the clip, he calls his enlargement surgery extremely painful. You really don’t have to go through all that for enlargement results. Follow our site and you will learn about effective penis enlargement methods and won’t even need Howard Stern’s help to get them done!