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Colin Farrell Thinks Ewan McGregor Should be More Cocky About His Penis

Apparently Colin Farrell doesn’t think that Ewan McGregor is cocky enough about his penis size. The penis news never seems to stop pouring out of Hollywood. This must be the oddest case of penis envy ever. Makes you wonder, just how big McGregor is, and how envious Farrell is. Clearly these two hit it off in a big way on the set of Woody Allen’s 2007 movie Cassandra’s Dream. In what is surely the most eloquent complement any man has given another man’s manhood in the history of penises, he told Nylon Guys: I don’t think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are… Read More »

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad: Good Old Fashioned Penis Enlargement or Photoshop?

Lots of buzz going around about the new Justin Bieber Calvin Klein underwear ads. Looks like Canada’s golden boy is back in the headlines and not for the best of reasons. Most of the buzz is about his physique and the size of his bulge. Rightfully so, it is an underwear ad after all. Thing is that lots of people seem to think that Justin is larger than previously thought before. Is it penis enlargement? Is it Photoshop? It seems that a website called Breath Heavy gave us the answer by unleashing some pics from the shoot before post-production image… Read More »

Tom Ford Penis Themed Pendant Design is Landing Company in Hot Water

There is no question, Tom Ford has made great strides in the fashion design industry in recent years. Celebrities have really adopted his brand and the general public has followed. However recently the brand has been under fire over a penis shaped pendant design that has many Christians up in arms over its uncanny resemblance to a cross. I have to say, speaking objectively here, they do have a point. The way we at PEF see it, there are two possible explanations for this. The first, that a designer wanted to make a penis themed necklace and it got approved while not… Read More »

Hacked Sony Emails: Producer Has Michael Fassbender Penis Envy

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know that Sony Pictures was recently hacked. Hackers managed to made off with a large amount of emails which included comments about a range of stars like Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart, President Obama and many, many more. Needless to say the content of a lot of these emails is funny for us to read but has been a public relations nightmare for Sony executives. One of the emails was particularly embarrassing for the person who wrote it, but flattering for the Michael Fassbender. You may know him from his role… Read More »

Elizabeth Banks to Jennifer Lawrence: ‘You Basically Have Penis!’

Elizabeth Banks has become quite the social media penis poster-girl as of late. Seems every time we get a penis-related news alert she’s all up in it. Yesterday, she interviewed Jennifer Lawrence for Season 2 of her ‘Ask a Badass’ YouTube segment for her channel. While this is not quite as sexually charged as when she discussed if she would date a man with micro-penis a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty funny. During the interview Elizabeth drops a bomb on fans by telling Jennifer “You’re a guy’s girl… You basically have a penis!” No worries guys, she doesn’t actually have a penis (or… Read More »