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Top Ingredients to Look for in an Enhancement Pill

With all the news of over-the-counter male enhancement pills getting yanked off the market left and right by the FDA lately, it’s more important than ever before to know what is in your supplement of choice. Right off the bat I can tell you that if the pill manufacturer does not clearly state what is in the pill openly you should NOT take it. Often these pills tend to contain chemical ingredients that require a prescription from your doctor, that are being used illegally. They are precisely the kind of pills that the FDA is trying to regulate, restrict and ban. Even worse, they may end… Read More »

4 Things That Will Help You Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Countless men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction which is why so many researchers have focused on gathering information on what causes it and how it can be avoided. While many men turn to effective treatments like penile traction therapy devices by X4 Labs, there are steps you can take today to prevent erectile dysfunction from ever affecting you or even help with your current situation. Here are 4 things you should avoid if you never want to have any issues with E.D. and enjoy better health overall. Avoid Overindulging in Alcohol: While many men feel like alcohol helps with their sex drive and promiscuity, this… Read More »

So You Want a Bigger Penis: Male Enhancement Pills

People tend to complain about and villainize companies that sell penis enlargement pills. Rightfully so, some of their marketing tactics warrant that (SPAM anyone?). But are they all bad? Not at all. Some major drug companies will have you believe that you can’t get proper male enhancement or penis enlargement pills without a prescription. That could not be further from the truth and this information is both misleading and self-serving. Speaking as someone who has used both over the counter and prescription male enhancement pills I can tell you first hand that I want nothing to do with the side-effects that… Read More »

STUDY: Good News for Men Who Love Cycling and Sex

Good news for active men who love to cycle. The myth that cycling is somehow linked to erectile dysfunction has been debunked by a new study published by the Journal of Men’s Health. Of course this bad news for lazy men who hate cycling and have been using that myth as an excuse not to. Here is an exert from an article written by Dr. David Samadi (Lenox Hill Hospital) for Live Science: “The research, published in the Journal of Men’s Health, surveyed more than 5,200 male cyclists between 2012 and 2013. Researchers asked the men to report how many… Read More »