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Meet Mary Lou Marzian: The Kentucky Lawmaker Who Wants to Make Men Need Permission from Their Wives for Viagra

Kentucky lawmaker Mary Lou Marzian is on a mission. A mission to make Viagra unavailable for married men looking to use it in order to have any kind of sex with anyone else but their wives. How does she intend to do that? By requiring what she calls a “signed note” from their wives stating her blessing as well as having these men sign a “sworn promise” that they would only use the drug with their wives. Kentucky has only two abortion clinics and a population of 4.4 million which makes it difficult for women to access abortions. But it is a… Read More »

Nearly Half of Women Blame Themselves When Their Partners Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Should we really be surprised that nearly 42% of women blame themselves when their husband or sexual partner experiences erectile dysfunction (ED)? Whether you are or not, it is a fact when it according to a new survey conducted by UK based Superdrug Online Doctor. Erectile dysfunction affects nearly half of men between the age of 40 to 70 at some point in their lives. There is a ton of information about how men feel about erectile dysfunction, but rarely do we see a comprehensive survey about the effects of of ED on women. They surveyed 1000 women and some of… Read More »

FDA Warning Consumers About Dangerous Male Enhancement Gum with Hidden Ingedients

No question that when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, consumers need to do their homework before trying anything. It seems that daily the FDA is sending out warnings regarding various products available without a prescription online. Most recently, they have issued a warning about a chewing gum that promises to treat erectile dysfunction called “Wonder-Erect Male Gum”. Up until a few days ago, the gum could be purchased on various websites including The FDA also states that this gum may even be stocked in various retail stores across the United States. Before taking any kind of over the counter… Read More »

Three All Natural Alternatives to Viagra and Cialis for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

While there are quite a few effective methods for penis enlargement, such as penile traction therapy, penis exercises and even surgery, men looking for a sexual performance enhances are usually forced to go see their doctors for a prescription. These prescriptions are usually pricey and have a long list of side-effects. The question is; what were men doing before all these prescription erectile dysfunction drugs came on the market? The truth is there are many all natural alternatives to Viagra and Cialis type of prescription drugs. You may not see these in the mainstream media much, because there aren’t multi-million… Read More »

Why Penis Lengtheners and Male Enhancement Pills Are A Match Made in Heaven

What is it about penis extenders and male enhancement supplements that make them such an effective combination for lengthening? The answer is simple. Penis lengthener devices are used for penile traction therapy, which is known to increase your penis size over time, whereas enlargement pills increase size more quickly. This makes the right supplement the perfect launching point for penile traction therapy. Both these items offer the same great penis enlargement when used, but in very different ways. Penis stretchers gently increase your penis size over time. It take effort and consistency, but the results are permanent. That makes penis extenders… Read More »