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Questions & Answers with X4 Labs’ Adam Griffin

Recently I got to conduct a phone interview with Adam Griffin of X4 Labs Penis Extenders. Prior to the interview, I went through a lot of forum posts and content from around the web to get a solid list of questions answered for us. I must say, he does have an answer for everything. Adam has been with X4 Labs since the beginning. He actually started out as user support and has since played a big role in product development. If you are a penile traction therapy user or even looking to learn more about penis extenders, this interview is required… Read More »

The Bizarre Story of John Wayne Bobbitt’s Severe Penis Injury then Enlargement

Over 22 years ago, John Wayne Bobbitt made headlines all over the world when his ex-wife Lorena Bobbitt sliced off his penis with a kitchen knife. The entire world was wondering what would happen to his manhood. Was what she did even worse than death, the debate raged on. His wife accused him of both physical and mental abuse in order to defend herself in court. She basically pleaded temporary insanity, and it worked, because the charges were dropped and John Wayne Bobbit’s penis was reattached. They then split. But this bizarre story does not end there. John was able to… Read More »

How to Balance Comfort, Tension and Stability with Your Penis Extender Configuration

Many if not most of our users use penis extenders for penile traction therapy, but many don’t know how to get the most out of their devices. The key for penile traction therapy is to put a consistent amount of hours in, but also to make sure your device is calibrated correctly with the proper amount of tension. What separates high quality penis extenders from the rest are the various configurations they offer users. Those that don’t offer multiple configuration tote the limited amount that they do offer as the best. That is a flat out lie. There is no… Read More »

Man With Bionic Penis Finally Loses His Virginity to an Escort Named Charlotte Rose

Mohammed Abad, from the United Kingdom is was only 6 years old when his penis and left testicle were lost in a horrible accident. In 2012 he was fitted with a revolutionary ‘bionic penis’ so that he can urinate and ejaculate. Turns out, although he could still ejaculate he was still a virgin and the age of 43.  That is until a 35 year old ‘sex worker’ named Charlotte Rose heard about his situation and offered her services to change his virgin status. It’s a pretty unbelievable story. His implant is real medical miracle that can help countless men who have been… Read More »

How Penile Traction Therapy Can Help You Have a Healthier, Bigger and Stronger Penis

There are numerous methods for penis enlargement, but we feel the one method that really stands out above and beyond all others is penile traction therapy. For those who may not know what that is, it’s pretty simple. Gentle tension along the shaft of your penis over time, causes your penile cells to divide and multiply, leaving your penis not just longer but thicker as well. The best way to achieve this type of therapy is by using a penile traction therapy device known as a Penis Extender. Not all Penis Extenders (or penis stretchers) are created equal. We recommend… Read More »