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Erectile Dysfunction Poll Findings Show 1 in 3 Men Have Sex ‘Less Than Once a Month’

According to AsiaOne recent poll conducted by Dr. Colin Teo from the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s Department of Urology in Singapore found that one in three men have sex less than once a month. This was not a scientific study, all findings were based on anecdotal statements that his patients and participants made to him. “It could be due to stress, logistical issues like staying in a small home with kids and in-laws, or sexual dysfunction.” These are all issues that many men have to deal with all over the world, not just in his country. More than half the men who participated in… Read More »

Time for Medical Insurance Companies to Cover Penile Traction Therapy Devices That Treat Peyronie’s Disease

With Movember moustaches already in full affect this year, I think it is time to shed some light on a topic that hasn’t gotten enough traction (pardon the pun). Many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of a penile traction therapy device. Their reasoning behind this? Well, they believe that Peyronies Disease treatment is not a medical necessity. Basically implying that if those suffering from penile curvature can’t afford to pony up the cash for a penis extender out of pocket, then they should just learn to live with it. Try telling that to someone who has the disease. Someone that… Read More »

Why You Should Pump Before and After Using Your Penis Extender for Optimal Results

There is no question that using a penis extender and a penis pump together in your penis enlargement routine can be very effective. One frequently asked question is what order to use them for optimal results. Generally speaking, you should use your pump after your extender session. That being said, a quick 2 minute pumping session prior to extending can be beneficial. Doing this can really help with slippage and give you a more solid fit when putting on the extender. Using your pump after an extender session really helps with blood circulation and recovery. It will definitely expedite results from your… Read More »

Top 5 Keys to Penis Enlargement Success

It is no secret that there are some very effective penis enlargement products on the market today. Basically, your penis size is not set in stone. If you are not happy with how you currently measure up, you can always be proactive and do something about it. I am not saying it is easy, but most people who have tried penis enlargement of some kind and have not had success have one thing in common; they didn’t put in a full effort. If you are ready to commit to an enlargement plan, make sure you are ready to put in… Read More »

China Offering the First of Many Viagra Alternatives to Enter the Market Over the Next Few Years

China is set to market an erectile dysfunction drug similar to Viagra this year at less than half the cost. It is no secret that with their patent in place, Pfizer (the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Viagra) has established somewhat of a monopoly on the prescription erectile dysfunction market. But when will it end? The short answer is 2017, the long answer is 2020. While the cheaper Chinese alternative will not be available anywhere else other than China, there is another company that will be able to join the market after December 11th, 2017. The Israeli-based Teva Industries Ltd. will be permitted… Read More »