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Top Doctor Prescribed Micropenis Treatment Device

There is no question, looking for a surgery-free alternative for micro-penis treatment is a challenge for doctors. Those with penises under the average length of 4 inches can’t fit in a typical penile traction therapy device. That is until X4 Labs, a major penis extender brand, designed a solution. Their exclusive patent pending Mini Support Piece has made them the top doctor prescribed micropenis treatment device. While there are tons of people who are near or above average length that want to add inches to their penis size, it is safe to say that those who need it the most are men with micropenis…. Read More »

Penis Enlargement Surgery Gone Wrong Leads to 2 Arrests

With all the safe and proven ways to achieve positive results, it is amazing how men still opt for penis enlargement surgery before even trying alternatives. Most people, myself included, are weary of going under the knife unless they absolutely have to. And yet countless men undergo risky penis enlargement surgery year after year. It is considered a cosmetic surgery, and can be rather pricy, even more so than breast enlargement surgery. The risks are horrifying. They include loss of function and deformity. This is your penis we are talking about here, even the best doctors can experience complications with… Read More »

Track Your Penis Enlargement Results with the X4 Labs Penile Traction Therapy Progress Tracker

Whatever method you use, tracking your penis enlargement results can be both tedious and inaccurate. That is unfortunate because nothing motivates users like seeing actual results. Most penis enlargement methods, such as penile traction therapy devices, provide slow albeit steady results. Doctors often describe penis enlargement results gained with penis extenders as “glacial” in speed. What doctors mean by that is that if you try and watch a glacier melt, you will likely not notice it, but if you filmed it and then sped it up, you would see massive change. This makes seeing penis enlargement results on a day… Read More »

Lenny Kravitz Penis on Full Display Due to Wardrobe Malfunction

Lenny Kravitz’ penis was the latest celebrity penis to become a viral sensation earlier this week. It all went down during a live performance when he crouched down and split the front side of his leather pants. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction to rival Janet Jackson. There is some good news for him though, his penis was actually generally well received by the internet penis enthusiast community (unlike LeBron James’ penis). None the less, Lenny’s team immediately got started on trying to scrub the internet of this photo, siting a “human rights violation”. Seems a little ignorant to call that… Read More »

X4 Labs Anniversary Ultra Edition: Hands Down the Most Complete Penile Traction Therapy Device Ever Assembled

There is no doubt about it, X4 Labs have been designing and manufacturing the most effective penis extenders on the market since the company first entered the scene. Their reputation speaks for itself, and this year marks their 10th anniversary. I spoke with a representative, and he told me that they wanted to offer users something really special to commemorate this occasion. Enter the X4 Labs Anniversary Ultra Edition! First things first, it breaks the mould in appearance. Rather than the usual white versions we are accustomed to seeing X4 Labs penis extenders in, the Anniversary Ultra Edition is X4 Labs… Read More »