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Non-Surgical MicroPenis Enlargement Alternatives for Men

MicroPenis Enlargement Introduction Micro-Penis (Microphallus) is a condition in which men have an erect penis size of 2.5 inches or less. This is a medical condition. Treatments include penis enlargement surgery or growth hormone. The side-effects of these type of treatments have made many men search for an alternative. But what is available on the market for males with MicroPenis enlargement? Here is a rundown of the top alternatives. Penile Traction Therapy Studies show that penile traction therapy can really help increase your penis size. Men who have participated report increases in both length and girth. Automatically you would assume… Read More »

Instagram Bans Eggplant Emoji Searches in Hopes to Squash Eggplant Fridays

Recently Instagram has begun making all web emojis searchable. Fantastic news for all right? All but eggplant enthusiasts that is. That’s right, Instagram has banned the eggplant from emoji searches. Searching for the fruit (yes it’s a fruit not a vegetable) emoji interestingly yields “no tags found”. But why? Well the answer is simple; fear of penis pictures overrunning their search. Yes, penis pictures. Eggplant is the emoji of choice for those posting pictures of penises on Instagram. It all started with an event called Eggplant Fridays. The weekly phenomenon entailed Instagram users taking pictures of their penises through their sweatpants to… Read More »

Kanamara Matsuri: Steel Penis Getting Bigger and Bigger in Japan

The Japanese spring festival of Kanamara Matsuri which takes place the first Sunday of April at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki is getting bigger and bigger by the year. The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri or Festival of the Steel Penis was started in 1977 and used to small but has been gaining in popularity year by year. It is very interesting seeing all kinds of people, men and women, get together and celebrating the penis. And the best part? It looks like a ton of fun and is for a good cause.  In recent years it has been used to raise money for… Read More »

Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide

Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide Introduction Just as with any other product, choosing the right penis extender for you can be easier said than done. The most important thing as a consumer is for you to understand what aspects of design and features differentiate each extender brand. Buying the wrong penile traction therapy device could cost you money, time and effort. Measure Your Penis Size The first thing you want to do, is take measurements of you penis. This is important to ensure that you will fit and thus be able to use your penis extender. Measure both the length and… Read More »

X4 Labs Introduces Red Limited Edition Penis Extender to Commemorate 10 Year Anniversary

To commemorate their 10 Year Anniversary, X4 Labs has introduced an exciting new limited edition red penis extender. The X4 Labs Red Limited Edition is probably the most complete penile traction therapy device that they have every put together. What makes this edition more complete than any other? It is simple, it includes a really cool version of their InfiniteFit Quad Support System in red, to match the extender. It also has more support straps and foams than any other edition they currently offer. It also featured a full set of the same gold extension bars included with the X4… Read More »