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CNN Publicizes Risky Penis Enlargement Treatment?

CNN has recently published an article called “Is your penis size ‘normal’?“. I must admit, I was eager to read CNN’s take on the recent study regarding average penis size that was funded by King’s University in London. Overall the article was well written by CNN’s Ben Tinker. It is well worth a read. But the article page itself features a video report at the very top which is basically a spotlight on a very new and very risky penis enlargement method. Keep in mind, I am all for scientific breakthroughs in penis enlargement, and encourage progress in the field. But CNN publicizing a… Read More »

Why Penis Lengtheners and Male Enhancement Pills Are A Match Made in Heaven

What is it about penis extenders and male enhancement supplements that make them such an effective combination for lengthening? The answer is simple. Penis lengthener devices are used for penile traction therapy, which is known to increase your penis size over time, whereas enlargement pills increase size more quickly. This makes the right supplement the perfect launching point for penile traction therapy. Both these items offer the same great penis enlargement when used, but in very different ways. Penis stretchers gently increase your penis size over time. It take effort and consistency, but the results are permanent. That makes penis extenders… Read More »

Study Funded by King’s College London Concludes What the Average Penis Size Really Is

What is the average adult male penis size? Seems that question has been in the thoughts and minds of men for all eternity. There have been countless studies trying to offer us a definite answer, and finally one team of researches believes that they have the answer. In all honesty, they do make a pretty good case for it. Earlier this week, The Guardian reported that the research team, which is located in the United Kingdom, included 15,000 penises in the study. The data for the length and girth has pooled together from numerous other studies reputable penis-related studies and put… Read More »

Penis Extenders from Amazon May Be Cheaper But Are Often Useless

So you’re shopping online for a penis extender. First stop Amazon, you see a few devices and get an idea of pricing. Great. Before making your purchase, you visit X4 Labs official website. Wait a minute, how come Amazon’s penis extenders are so much cheaper? The answer is simple. More often than not they are cheaply made knockoffs made to take your money and run. The penile traction therapy devices that you find on sites like Amazon are often stripped down and include no customizability. What that means is that while you might be paying less, you are getting a… Read More »

X4 Labs Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary by Offering Tremendous Savings on Penis Extenders

X4 Labs was established in 2005, which makes this year their 10 year anniversary. To show their appreciation, they are now offering extreme discounts on all their penis extenders all month long. To put this in perspective, one Penis Enlargement Forum member got a Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender with the InfiniteFit Quad Support and payed under $400! There has literally never been a better time to give penile traction therapy a chance. Whether you are looking for a high quality penis stretcher for enlargement, for curvature, or even both, the time to buy is now. I spoke to X4… Read More »