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Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide

Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide Introduction Just as with any other product, choosing the right penis extender for you can be easier said than done. The most important thing as a consumer is for you to understand what aspects of design and features differentiate each extender brand. Buying the wrong penile traction therapy device could cost you money, time and effort. Measure Your Penis Size The first thing you want to do, is take measurements of you penis. This is important to ensure that you will fit and thus be able to use your penis extender. Measure both the length and… Read More »

X4 Labs Introduces Red Limited Edition Penis Extender to Commemorate 10 Year Anniversary

To commemorate their 10 Year Anniversary, X4 Labs has introduced an exciting new limited edition red penis extender. The X4 Labs Red Limited Edition is probably the most complete penile traction therapy device that they have every put together. What makes this edition more complete than any other? It is simple, it includes a really cool version of their InfiniteFit Quad Support System in red, to match the extender. It also has more support straps and foams than any other edition they currently offer. It also featured a full set of the same gold extension bars included with the X4… Read More »

Penis Extenders from Amazon May Be Cheaper But Are Often Useless

So you’re shopping online for a penis extender. First stop Amazon, you see a few devices and get an idea of pricing. Great. Before making your purchase, you visit X4 Labs official website. Wait a minute, how come Amazon’s penis extenders are so much cheaper? The answer is simple. More often than not they are cheaply made knockoffs made to take your money and run. The penile traction therapy devices that you find on sites like Amazon are often stripped down and include no customizability. What that means is that while you might be paying less, you are getting a… Read More »

X4 Labs Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary by Offering Tremendous Savings on Penis Extenders

X4 Labs was established in 2005, which makes this year their 10 year anniversary. To show their appreciation, they are now offering extreme discounts on all their penis extenders all month long. To put this in perspective, one Penis Enlargement Forum member got a Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender with the InfiniteFit Quad Support and payed under $400! There has literally never been a better time to give penile traction therapy a chance. Whether you are looking for a high quality penis stretcher for enlargement, for curvature, or even both, the time to buy is now. I spoke to X4… Read More »

How X4 Labs Leads Penis Extender Results Race

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to penile traction therapy there is no bigger brand than X4 Labs. They have been designing and manufacturing penis extender devices for over 10 years and have managed to stay ahead of the competition. Their penis stretchers are known to be the most comfortable and the most customizable. But what makes X4 Labs Penis Extenders stand above the rest? To the uneducated eye, all penile traction therapy devices may seem equal, but that could not be further from the truth. Most are streamlined and only fit a very narrow number of… Read More »