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Spike TV’s Manswers Featuring X4 Labs Extenders

A few years ago, Spike TV’s Manswers producers reached out to Adam Griffin from X4 Labs about getting their hands on some penis extenders for a segment on the show. Adam tells me that he really wasn’t sure what to expect, but being a Manswers fan himself, he was curious what they would do with it, good or bad. Turns out, the result was an educational, fun, easy to understand television segment all about the world’s most effective penis enlargement device. When I asked Adam what he thought after he saw the final product he said he was extremely happy with what they… Read More »

STUDY: Good News for Men Who Love Cycling and Sex

Good news for active men who love to cycle. The myth that cycling is somehow linked to erectile dysfunction has been debunked by a new study published by the Journal of Men’s Health. Of course this bad news for lazy men who hate cycling and have been using that myth as an excuse not to. Here is an exert from an article written by Dr. David Samadi (Lenox Hill Hospital) for Live Science: “The research, published in the Journal of Men’s Health, surveyed more than 5,200 male cyclists between 2012 and 2013. Researchers asked the men to report how many… Read More »

Welcome to the Penis Enlargement Forum!

Penis Enlargement Forum (PEF) is your one-stop resource for penis enlargement advice and information. Join our forum to interact with other users just like you and share experiences and knowledge with our friendly community members. You can also read up on the most interesting penis related content from around the web updated daily in our newsfeed. If you have always wanted a website that is interactive and can answer all your questions about all the latest and greatest types of penis enlargement methods, you have come to the right place. And we don’t only cover and discuss penis enlargement. You can find… Read More »