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Bent Penis is Best Treated with Penile Traction Therapy Devices Known as Penis Extenders

Bent penis is most often caused by Peyronie’s Disease. Men who suffer from curvature of this nature are usually desperate for a cure because it can make getting an erection painful. Studies show that the safest and most effective method available to correct bent penis is penile traction therapy. The way penile traction therapy works is by holding your penis straight with moderate tension over time using what is called a penis extender or penis stretcher. Using traction therapy to treat Peyronie’s Disease is considered a safe and cost effective alternative to surgery and injections, which have a high chance of catastrophic side-effects…. Read More »

X4 Labs Anniversary Ultra Edition: Hands Down the Most Complete Penile Traction Therapy Device Ever Assembled

There is no doubt about it, X4 Labs have been designing and manufacturing the most effective penis extenders on the market since the company first entered the scene. Their reputation speaks for itself, and this year marks their 10th anniversary. I spoke with a representative, and he told me that they wanted to offer users something really special to commemorate this occasion. Enter the X4 Labs Anniversary Ultra Edition! First things first, it breaks the mould in appearance. Rather than the usual white versions we are accustomed to seeing X4 Labs penis extenders in, the Anniversary Ultra Edition is X4 Labs… Read More »

SALE ALERT: X4 Labs Penis Extenders 50% OFF for Extremely Limited Time Only

We are excited to announce that there has really never been a better time to buy an X4 Labs Penis Extender. For an extremely limited time you can get the X4 Labs Extender of your choice for 50% OFF the regular price! What a fantastic way to kick off the Holiday Sale Season! What’s the catch? There is no catch! The world’s leading penis stretcher for half the price. If you have ever thought about giving penile traction therapy for penis enlargement a shot, or have been wanting to straighten the curve caused by Peyronies Disease now is the time to… Read More »

Time for Medical Insurance Companies to Cover Penile Traction Therapy Devices That Treat Peyronie’s Disease

With Movember moustaches already in full affect this year, I think it is time to shed some light on a topic that hasn’t gotten enough traction (pardon the pun). Many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of a penile traction therapy device. Their reasoning behind this? Well, they believe that Peyronies Disease treatment is not a medical necessity. Basically implying that if those suffering from penile curvature can’t afford to pony up the cash for a penis extender out of pocket, then they should just learn to live with it. Try telling that to someone who has the disease. Someone that… Read More »

Why You Should Pump Before and After Using Your Penis Extender for Optimal Results

There is no question that using a penis extender and a penis pump together in your penis enlargement routine can be very effective. One frequently asked question is what order to use them for optimal results. Generally speaking, you should use your pump after your extender session. That being said, a quick 2 minute pumping session prior to extending can be beneficial. Doing this can really help with slippage and give you a more solid fit when putting on the extender. Using your pump after an extender session really helps with blood circulation and recovery. It will definitely expedite results from your… Read More »