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Urologist Dr. Laurence Levine Suspects Premature Ejaculation Will Be Renamed and Featured in a Super Bowl Commercial in the Future

A prominent Urologist and New York Daily News contributor named Dr. Laurence Levine believes that in a few years Premature Ejaculation will have a less abrasive name and treatment for it may even be the topic of commercials during the Super Bowl. He recently published an article declaring that public awareness of Premature Ejaculation can’t come soon enough, and we must admit, he makes a lot of good points. Many of us born before 1980 know that Erectile Dysfunction was not alway known as Erectile Dysfunction. It was not until the topic hit the main stream that it adopted that… Read More »

So You Want a Bigger Penis: Male Enhancement Pills

People tend to complain about and villainize companies that sell penis enlargement pills. Rightfully so, some of their marketing tactics warrant that (SPAM anyone?). But are they all bad? Not at all. Some major drug companies will have you believe that you can’t get proper male enhancement or penis enlargement pills without a prescription. That could not be further from the truth and this information is both misleading and self-serving. Speaking as someone who has used both over the counter and prescription male enhancement pills I can tell you first hand that I want nothing to do with the side-effects that… Read More »