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Meet Mary Lou Marzian: The Kentucky Lawmaker Who Wants to Make Men Need Permission from Their Wives for Viagra

Kentucky lawmaker Mary Lou Marzian is on a mission. A mission to make Viagra unavailable for married men looking to use it in order to have any kind of sex with anyone else but their wives. How does she intend to do that? By requiring what she calls a “signed note” from their wives stating her blessing as well as having these men sign a “sworn promise” that they would only use the drug with their wives. Kentucky has only two abortion clinics and a population of 4.4 million which makes it difficult for women to access abortions. But it is a… Read More »

Three Brave Men Share What it is Like to Live with a Micro-Penis on a British TV Show

Three “brave lads” sat down with the British morning show “This Morning” for a interview about their micro-penis condition. We tip our hats to these guys. They really share some honest views about what it feels like to be living with a micro-penis. Their names are Jack, Clive and Ant. They open up about their sexual experiences candidly. For the most part they seem to be fine with it. The hosts tell them that more than 60% of men fear their penises are too small. This is such an important question for all men to consider. Penis enlargement isn’t about… Read More »

FDA Warning Consumers About Dangerous Male Enhancement Gum with Hidden Ingedients

No question that when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, consumers need to do their homework before trying anything. It seems that daily the FDA is sending out warnings regarding various products available without a prescription online. Most recently, they have issued a warning about a chewing gum that promises to treat erectile dysfunction called “Wonder-Erect Male Gum”. Up until a few days ago, the gum could be purchased on various websites including The FDA also states that this gum may even be stocked in various retail stores across the United States. Before taking any kind of over the counter… Read More »

Australian Man Adopts Penis Doodle As His Signature, Ends Up in a Legal Battle

Jared Hyams of Melbourne, Australia likely had no idea that doodling a penis in an application to change his address would end up landing him in a legal battle focused on freedom of signature expression, but that is exactly what happened. He must have been playing a joke, thinking that no one actually pays attention to signature structure on applications like that, but he was wrong. The Australian Electoral Commission does, and did, so they rejected his application of change of address. They also rejected Hyams subsequent appeal, officially calling it “frivolous and vexatious”. When the Sydney Morning Herald reached out… Read More »

Hillary Clinton Has Not Seen Lenny Kravitz Penis Yet, But Will “Check it Out”

Hillary Clinton is running for president and is currently looking like the Democratic frontrunner. When candidates run for president, they tend to do and say things to make them appear more presidential. However in recent years, this isn’t always the case. Candidates find themselves trying to pander to the younger people vote. This seems to be what Hillary Clinton is attempting when agreeing to sit down for an interview with Leah Dunham for Funny or Die. For those who don’t know, Lena Dunham is the often polarizing start of HBO’s hit show “Girls”. Dunham conducted the interview as content for… Read More »