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UNREAL: Viral Video Surfaces of a Mexican Man with a 19 Inch Penis! (Explicit)

A video featuring a Mexican man with a 19 inch penis named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has emerged. Huffington Post reports that he is currently looking for Guinness World Records recognition and a porn contract. While there is no word on if Guinness will be granting his first wish, Vivid Entertainment has confirmed that they offered to fulfill his second… working in porn. As many of us who know Vivid Entertainment understand, the porn company never misses an opportunity to make headlines or for a good press release. So it should come as no surprise that they were all over this highly… Read More »

Penis Enlargement Surgery Gone Wrong Leads to 2 Arrests

With all the safe and proven ways to achieve positive results, it is amazing how men still opt for penis enlargement surgery before even trying alternatives. Most people, myself included, are weary of going under the knife unless they absolutely have to. And yet countless men undergo risky penis enlargement surgery year after year. It is considered a cosmetic surgery, and can be rather pricy, even more so than breast enlargement surgery. The risks are horrifying. They include loss of function and deformity. This is your penis we are talking about here, even the best doctors can experience complications with… Read More »

Lenny Kravitz Penis on Full Display Due to Wardrobe Malfunction

Lenny Kravitz’ penis was the latest celebrity penis to become a viral sensation earlier this week. It all went down during a live performance when he crouched down and split the front side of his leather pants. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction to rival Janet Jackson. There is some good news for him though, his penis was actually generally well received by the internet penis enthusiast community (unlike LeBron James’ penis). None the less, Lenny’s team immediately got started on trying to scrub the internet of this photo, siting a “human rights violation”. Seems a little ignorant to call that… Read More »

Dr. Tobias Kohler: Erectile Function, Use It or Lose It!

While many men consider themselves penis experts, there are plenty fascinating scientific facts about them that you may not know. Today, we share one important piece of information from an interview with Tobias Kohler, MD, assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The underlining message is simple; the absolute best way to maintain your penis sexual health and prowess is to have frequent erections. According to Dr. Kohler, a healthy penis must be exercised. You often see penile traction therapy devices like X4 Labs report how users of their penis extenders have experienced longer stronger erections during their therapy,… Read More »

LeBron James Flashes His Penis to 18.5 Million Viewers

LeBron James penis was on national TV for a spilt second during the ABC broadcast of Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals. If you blinked you missed it. But of course in this age of social media and blogs it has been all over the web ever since. Did you miss it? Are you wondering what King James’ penis looks like? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We will also give you a quick rundown on how some of the top gossip and entertainment blogs are reacting to the flash of the crown jewels. DISCLAIMER: WARNING, FOLLOWING VIDEO IS… Read More »