Colin Farrell Thinks Ewan McGregor Should be More Cocky About His Penis

colin-farrell-ewan-mcregor-penis-envyApparently Colin Farrell doesn’t think that Ewan McGregor is cocky enough about his penis size. The penis news never seems to stop pouring out of Hollywood. This must be the oddest case of penis envy ever. Makes you wonder, just how big McGregor is, and how envious Farrell is. Clearly these two hit it off in a big way on the set of Woody Allen’s 2007 movie Cassandra’s Dream. In what is surely the most eloquent complement any man has given another man’s manhood in the history of penises, he told Nylon Guys:

I don’t think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are as well hung would—or should—or could be. I think that’s the greatest demonstration of his innate humility, that he doesn’t wear it like a badge of honor.

Well said. On that note, kudos to Ewan McGregor are in order. He has always seemed to be a modest well rounded personality, unlike Collin Farrell. With all the great roles Ewan McGregor has brought to life from his early start in the 1996 classic Trainspotting to being pretty much the only bright spot as Obi Won Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels, he has managed to stay humble (even with what some consider a huge penis). On the other hand, something tells me that if Farrell had a bigger penis we would never hear the end of it. Lets hope he never discovers penis enlargement methods like penile traction therapy.

Bottom line, there is NO question that penis size is directly related to man’s overall confidence. Confidence is good. As you practice penis enlargement and your penis gets bigger, don’t forget to take a page out of Ewan McGregor’s book and stay humble as well.