Donald Trump Guarantees Americans That Despite Marco Rubio’s Comments His Penis Size is Not a Problem

Donald Trump penis SizeWell, there you have it. In case anyone was really concerned about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s penis size, after Marco Rubio’s comments, he literally guaranteed us that is not a problem at last night’s Fox News Republican Presidential debate. Phew!

Every so often, the discussion of penis size hits mainstream news and naturally we could not be more delighted. This entire situation began to unfold when Trump’s rival (or one of them anyway) implied that since Donald Trump has small hands, perhaps his penis is just as small. I know what a lot of you are thinking. This has no place in a presidential debate. And you know what? We agree. But none the less, this is the era of presidential politics we live in. Where the topic of penises seems to come up more and more often. Like when Hillary Clinton said she would check out Lenny Kravitz’s penis in an interview a while back. You literally can’t make this stuff up!

Back to the topic at hand. Here is how this whole Donald Trump penis size debate started. For the record, we are not trying to take sides here. Like everyone else, we are happy if the best possible candidate wins the nomination for both parties. That being said, objectively speaking, Donald Trump started it by referring to Marco Rubio as “Little Marco” numerous times. Finally Rubio’s campaign, looking at the Trump dominated polls, figured we should fire back.

He started off talking about Donald Trump’s small hands, and then implied is his hands are small, that perhaps his penis is as well!

Things are really starting to get personal when a man implies the size of another man’s penis is inadequate. But that is exactly what Marco Rubio did in regards to Donald Trumps penis size. Anyone who knows anything about Donald Trump knows he would quickly fire back. The stage was set. Last night’s Republican presidential debate on Fox News, everyone wanted to see what he would say. It’s like the whole issue with Fox News’ Megan Kelly never even happened.

Here is how Donald Trump addressed the questions Rubio raised about his penis size.

There you have it. He decided to kick off the debate with what was on everyone’s mind. The size of his penis.

If they’re small (his hands) something else must be small. I guarantee you, there’s no problem. I guarantee.

As funny as all this is, we do agree with Donald Trump. Because if he is happy with his penis size, then there really is no problem. The only time there is a problem with a man’s penis size is when he is not confident or happy with it. Maybe just maybe we can get back to politics now.

But Donald, more power to you. No one can question your confidence. And if you’re happy with your penis size, then your guarantee is true. The is no problem. Good thing for those of us that wish to get a little bigger, we have options.