Elizabeth Banks to Jennifer Lawrence: ‘You Basically Have Penis!’

jennifer-lawrence-elizabeth-banks-celebrity-penisElizabeth Banks has become quite the social media penis poster-girl as of late. Seems every time we get a penis-related news alert she’s all up in it. Yesterday, she interviewed Jennifer Lawrence for Season 2 of her ‘Ask a Badass’ YouTube segment for her channel.

While this is not quite as sexually charged as when she discussed if she would date a man with micro-penis a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty funny. During the interview Elizabeth drops a bomb on fans by telling Jennifer “You’re a guy’s girl… You basically have a penis!”

No worries guys, she doesn’t actually have a penis (or at least I hope not). She is referring to how Jennifer Lawrence’s career has unfolded as of late. How her success has her headlining action movies much like her male counterparts.

The high jinks don’t stop there either. Towards the end of the clip, she goes on to say that she and Woody Harrelson would totally have a threesome with Jennifer. And when Jennifer objects, saying Woody would never go for it, cause he is like a father figure, Elizabeth responds by saying, and I quote “I can convince him.”

I have no doubt she could. I don’t know about Woody, but on a personal note, it wouldn’t take much convincing for me.

As far as celebrity penis and sex banter goes, this is pretty funny stuff. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks are currently co-starring in Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 which you can catch in theaters starting this Friday. In the mean time, you watch the interview below for a laugh.