Erectile Dysfunction Poll Findings Show 1 in 3 Men Have Sex ‘Less Than Once a Month’

According to AsiaOne recent poll conducted by Dr. Colin Teo from the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s Department of Urology in Singapore found that one in three men have sex less than once a month. This was not a scientific study, all findings were based on anecdotal statements that his patients and participants made to him.

“It could be due to stress, logistical issues like staying in a small home with kids and in-laws, or sexual dysfunction.”

erectile-dysfunction-study-men-sexThese are all issues that many men have to deal with all over the world, not just in his country. More than half the men who participated in the doctor’s poll were over 41 years of age. Roughly 27% of the men said they had sex between one to three times a month, 22% reported that they had sex one to three times a week and just 16% replied that they had sex more than three times per week. Interesting numbers to say the least.

The underlining cause of men not having an active sex life is erectile dysfunction (E.D.). There is some silver lining in the data collected here. Nine out of ten men replied yes when asked if they would seek treatment from a doctor for E.D. Those numbers are very promising and shows how much more comfortable men have becoming talking about this issue in recent years with the emergence of countless erectyle disfunction drugs and devices in the market. Not surprisingly, an equal number of women said they would encourage their partners to seek help for E.D.

“People are less afraid to seek help because of better public education across the years. Erectile dysfunction has become less of a stigma.”

Another reason that patients are now more prone to discuss their sex life and erectile dysfunction with their doctors is because treatments are now easier, more affordable and generally don’t involve injections like they did in the past.

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Although even with all these great do it yourself in-house treatments that one can try without a prescription, it is still highly recommended that those suffering from erectile dysfunction report it to their doctors as it could be an early sign or heart disease.

“Erectile dysfunction shares similar risk factors with cardiovascular diseases. Patients with erectile dysfunction should alert a physician to screen for the latter.”

Some truly great advice from a doctor who is very well respected in his region. Consulting with your doctor or urologist about any erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement treatment is always a good idea. Check out our Erectile Dysfunction Forum for more information.