Dr. Tobias Kohler: Erectile Function, Use It or Lose It!

doctor-kohler-medical-adviceWhile many men consider themselves penis experts, there are plenty fascinating scientific facts about them that you may not know. Today, we share one important piece of information from an interview with Tobias Kohler, MD, assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

The underlining message is simple; the absolute best way to maintain your penis sexual health and prowess is to have frequent erections.

According to Dr. Kohler, a healthy penis must be exercised. You often see penile traction therapy devices like X4 Labs report how users of their penis extenders have experienced longer stronger erections during their therapy, and this is likely why. The fact is without frequent erections or exercise the penis can actually shrink in size. OUCH! That’s the opposite of penis enlargement.

If they don’t do anything to maintain normal erections, they will get shortening of the penis, Without regular erections, penile tissue can become less elastic and shrink, making the penis 1-2 centimeters shorter.

Dr. Kohler goes on to say that regular usage of a vacuum pump can really help men avoid erectile dysfunction maintain a healthy penis. Furthermore that you are not alone in this battle to maintain proper erectile function. Your brain has an automatic penis maintenance function built in. Well, at least there’s some good news!

Impulses from the brain cause erections during the dreaming phase of sleep, called the REM phase. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a hot sex dream or a zombie apocalypse nightmare — your penis gets hard during that period of the sleep cycle.

Bottom line, there are many different types of proactive things you can do to maintain proper erectile function even as you age. Penile traction therapy, penis exercises and even penis pump vacuum device can help. And of course avoiding smoking (which is proven to cause E.D.) and a healthy diet can be really beneficial as well.

Guess we should never take erection for granted.