FDA Warning Consumers About Dangerous Male Enhancement Gum with Hidden Ingedients

fda-warns-about-wonder-erect-male-gumNo question that when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, consumers need to do their homework before trying anything. It seems that daily the FDA is sending out warnings regarding various products available without a prescription online. Most recently, they have issued a warning about a chewing gum that promises to treat erectile dysfunction called “Wonder-Erect Male Gum”. Up until a few days ago, the gum could be purchased on various websites including Amazon.com. The FDA also states that this gum may even be stocked in various retail stores across the United States.

Before taking any kind of over the counter treatment, consumers must review the ingredients to ensure that they are all natural and won’t have any negative side-effects. Most products proudly display their ingredients on their packaging and on their website. However, Wonder-Erect Male Gum was found to contain an ingredient that are not listed anywhere on their packaging that the FDA has  approved for treating erectile dysfunction but can lead to very dangerous side-effects when combined with nitrates. The ingredient in question is called Vardenafil.

The reason the ingredient is left out, is because including an ingredient like that would require the gum to only be sold with a prescription. This puts the consumer at extreme risk, and the FDA urges both patients and doctors to report all cases of harm to them.

Health officials are concerned about consumers consuming products like this with stealth ingredients. Men often don’t feel comfortable speaking to their doctors about erectile dysfunction, so they opt for an over the counter solution. That sends them looking for treatments on their own.

The good news is, there are plenty of other products on the market one can turn to treat erectile dysfunction that the FDA has no issue with. We urge that all consumers do two things before choosing an over the counter E.D. treatment. First, research and examine all the ingredients. Make sure all of them are safe and won’t have an adverse affect with any condition or other medication you may have. Second, search the FDA website to see if the product has been found to have any hidden ingredients.

If you’re looking for a safe an effective erectile dysfunction you may want to check out Sinrex Dual Synergy. The ingredients are all natural, and it has been around for a long, long time and has helped countless men without ever having the FDA issue a warning of any kind. Give a trusted name a shot before consuming a no name brand gum or pill. Also, research each ingredient individually, and if you are unsure about any of them, speak to a doctor about it.