Weight Issues and Other Concerns

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Weight Issues and Other Concerns

Post by shanusweet » Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:11 am

This will complete your routine. Cool down appropriately Meratol and repeat this workout a further twice a week. For me, cycling does not seem like exercise at all. Cycling is hard, but it is also fun. I could spend all day out on my bike and it will not feel like exercise, however the amount of calories burned from being on your bike will have been huge.

Combine cycling with one of the other activities and maybe you would only have to do it once a week and you would not only be fit, active and healthy but you would also lose a tonne of weight. Cycling is also fun to do with others, get a group involved or even a partner and you can explore the outdoors together, while losing weight.

Jogging is another way to get out and about while exercising. Personally im not a fan of jogging outdoors, but most people love it. I would prefer to jog on a running machine in doors so that I can track my progress such as speed etc, but if you don't want to be stuck in doors then jogging outside is a great substitute.


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