Combining JELQing with Bathmate.

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Combining JELQing with Bathmate.

Post by wolfywolfy » Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:32 am


So I started using Bathmate pump for a little over a month ( 5mins x 3 ,5 times a week) and for that period I did not see any visible results. So I decided to include jelqing just to try out.
I started with warming up by doing rotation and stretching left,right,up & down for 30 secs each.Then jelqing for around 4-5 mins, about 100 jelqs a minute.
An interesting thing that happened was the next day, I noticed 0.4 inch gain in girth while erect and 0.5 inch in length OVERNIGHT.
Along the way I was using black seed oil each night for the past 30 days as well.
I dont want to do this right away at this time because I saw a video on youtube from a channel "Good looking loser" saying that you should not even consider doing a combo of pumping and jelqing untill you have at least 3 months of consistently using the pump.
Today I was wearing an extender for 8 hours and decided to pump and jelq.
The penis in the pump reached 6inch.
I have to say, it does boost the motivation quite a lot!
Now the thing is I obviously dont want to do any damage, and I will be patient as long as I have to as I understand this it is long journey, but I was just wondering what is the ideal routine for beginners and how long does it for one to start implementing jelqing?


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Combining JELQing with Bathmate

Post by Pleani » Sun May 05, 2019 4:12 am

What can you do to improve your speed with the ball so that you can run at full speed while keeping it under control? Thanks

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