Peyronies vs. Congenital Curvature

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Peyronies vs. Congenital Curvature

Post by MysticMotive » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:57 am

As I have progressed through the curvature treatment I have been continuing my research and have taken note of the important distinction between peyronies and congenital curvature. Peyronies, as you may know, is an acquired condition that usually involves scarring plaque tissue. That's why vitamin E is taken along with traction therapy. Congenital curvature is not the result of damage or scarring, making vitamin E much less effective. It would seem that congenital cases are significantly harder to correct, though study results are subjective at best.

I believe I fall into the congenital category since I can't think of a time when the curvature was not present. Regardless, I feel that since the traction process relies on tearing and healing, vitamin E should be used in all cases to promote a healthy healing process. If the X4 device does indeed perform as is claimed, then there seems to be no reason why stretching one side to counter curvature should be any less possible than lengthening a penis of any shape, size, or condition.

I hope this may shed some light on why vitamin E or traction therapy appears to work well for some and lackluster for others. If you are having doubts or feel discouraged, don't be afraid to ask questions or do some research. I believe that even if I can't find the answers I want I am willing to be patient, experience for myself, and be a part of the answer.

I'm not an authority or have medical experience, just doing what I can to share for the common good. Thanks.

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