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Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:55 pm
by Mr.Goblin
Hello fellas.

Today I am starting on the extender, for Peyronies correction mostly; but if I make any growth gains as well, I will report them here as I go.

So basically I am 6inches long guy, and 4 inches around, after Peyronies hit. Before Peyronies, I was 6.5inches long and 5inches around.
So now I am a little shorter and in once place nearer the tip my penis I lost girth and now down to 4 inches around. My Peyronies was likely caused by some tissue tearing originally (happened during some rough sex). Then calcium plaques began to build up over time, and now there is a scarring in the fibrosis. It looks to be chronic, but it has very slight improved over the few years when I was first affected. And the slight improvement over time, I was doing nothing in particular, just doing gym and eating alright. It appears that my condition is not getting worse over time.

I used to have some pain, when erect last year, but now that pain is gone (and this is before using the extender).

By the way I am a 35 year old male. Should mention that.

I had used this extender device 6 years ago, for about 6 month.... but took a 5 year break from it. I will report that back then I did not have Peyronies; but I did gain a growth of 0.5 inches, after using the extender for 15-20 hours per week (keeping it on for 3 hour spells at a time, breaking it up a bit). I was surprised the 0.5 gain once month 4 arrived. I stopped using device, simply because I lost it!! I lost the device one day! Haha.

Anyway, I am hoping to regain the lost 0.5 inches that I lost recently due to Pyronies tearing. I am worried that I will not ever get the girth back. My physician said that in using the extender carefully, I might be able to get some girth back (along with taking a bunch of select vitamins), as well straighten my penis slightly.

I will mention here that Peyronies also gave me a very slight curve about 10 degrees to the left (before I was perfectly straight). I would like to get the 'perfect' back, but it is not a huge deal if not. I just want that girth back nearer the tip!

THe device is a little bit uncomfortable to wear at times. But using it modestly will get most guys results.

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:33 pm
by Mr.Goblin
Here is how to best use this device:

If you have Peyronies, use vitamins also. Take 400UI Vitamin E, in the morning time, and then again just before bed. Take 1000UI of Vitamin D (2000 is ok also if 1000 morning time, and another 1000 bed time).
Take 'Collagen' cell/tissue repair (1 or 2 tablets a day). Take 'Selenium' to better synthesis the Collagen, as well protiens, and helps for certain types of flesh maintenance in the body as well nervous system.
Make sure that you are eating a bit of VitC every day. Do not eat or drink a lot of Calcium (this will aid in scare tissue to re-calcify quicker, or undue some of your repair work. A little calcium in diet is perfectly ok). Make sure you are getting an ok daily amount of Iron and zinc to your diet (helps keep blood maintenance as well immune system). A healthy immune system and good blood flow (exercise), helps to keep blood flow down to the penis for better repair (especially when wearing that crampy device often).

Now, the device itself. Best use the tube strap, for comfort, and use a sponge around it. Also use a sponge around your penis head too. Once that is fastened in (sort of); you will need to strap all that (and your penis head) in place with a Velcro strap, or a click-notch strap. This helps to keep the tube strap underneath from sliding back, and releasing your penis head. The tube strap applies only for the proper port extender, which you can get from 4X Labs. These method is only for best comfort I find. I can wear this method for 3 hours straight with no real pain or discomfort. My penis head just get cold over a time, and becomes purple, at not-to-tight strap in.

When you see your penis head turn purple, and cold... guys; that is the cue to release your penis from device. Some purple is ok, but when is feels cold... take it out. Take a 30 minute break to allow blood floor again, allow nutrients to flow in for a bit, and then strap her back in!! Haha.

One to three hours strapped in guys, alright? Try to do the 3 hours if you can. But if too discomfort, or going cold, then take it out before 3 hours. Always do the 30 min break, even if you are only strapped in one hour at a time.

If you can; try to do this method all day long! (If you are at home all day). But at least 3-5 hours per day, should get you some noticeable results after 3 months, maybe 4 months application. **I can't say for correcting Peyronies yet... but only for length gain.

After you achieve a length of +1 inch... you want to stop using the extender guys. Because more than an inch will actually start weakening your cellular foundation in penis, and you might actually GET Peyronies fibrosis tearing! For real. But if you stick only to simple straightening; or a 1 inch gain strictly; you are fine, don't worry. Just don't press it. However, if you happen to be a guy with 5-6 inch girth... you can actually try to 1.5 length gain without worry. Because girth guys have more flesh to stretch and cell replacement. Simple biology really. So girth guys get a wee bit more leaway here.

But back to the 1 inch strict guys. If you finally gain that 1 inch. Take a 'stretching' break from the device for say a couple years (core healing and cellular memory needs to take place which actually changes your DNA a bit, where the penile cells actually get used to being a certain length). After two years time... you can try to extend again for another 0.5 inches or so.

Lastly, about pressure in regards to the device. You should only allow enough pressure where you feel a "comfortable" tug. Do not pressure it up where you feel an almost painful tug. That means you are rushing the procedure and this can be dangerous over time. You can actually get Peyronies. DO not damage your penis by super stretching this device. It takes time guys... months. Just be modest and wear it comfortable as you can, every day, and apply slight pressure ONLY after you notice a 5-6mm gain in length. Keep applying little by little over the months every time you notice a 6 mm gain in length; until you eventually hit your 1 inch mark (then stop altogether).

Now here is where some guys go wrong. THey wear the extender to bed and through the night; or some of the night (while sleeping). This is the worse guys!! Especially those with Peyronies. Because during the night and sleep, is the best time where the body wants to use your nutrients and repair your body! All the best healing work and cell repair/ recovery happens when you are sleeping. By wearing the device all night, this restricts blood to your penis head by 85%. This is more so an issue for Peyronies guys who have the bend higher up near the penis. If it is lower on the shaft, this warning is not as important. Still, the penis head needs recovery time anyway, and sleep time is still the best time. If your penis head is not getting enough 'breaks' during the day (best night time) to allow 100% blood flow again (taking off device) so that all your important body nutrients can get in there and do repairs, as well feed oxygen to your nerve cells... well you risk slower gains actually, over a time. Also, you risk potential nerve damage and penis head will start to go numb (a chronic forever problem) even when the device in off!

The penis can be at 85% less blood oxygen and nutrients, for about up to 3 hours, before you seriously need to take off the device and rest your penis for 30mins or more. This might be the most important advice that I can give you guys. Blood flow, fixes Peyronies; but must balance some blood starvation at the same time, periodically, to correct Peyronies curvature. So this is the best formula I can give guys who are trying to correct Peyronies bending, and perhaps some scaring.

Guys with Peyronies, who ear the device for 5+ hours straight before a break, are actually doing more damage to their penis that repair. Trust me.

{guys who do not have Peyronies... can technically get away with wearing device for 5 hours straight.. but be very careful... low pressure and do not have straps on too tight. SOme guys have penis heads more bulbus, so the strap can loosen without head slipping out. But other guys do not have such bulbous heads, there for the penis will try to slip out easy if the straps loosen even a little bit. And because of that, some guys (including me) must have the straps on a bit more snug, and can only wear for 3 hours before head goes cold and purplish; in where it is time to take a break.

I will keep you guys informed over the month, my progress during my Peyronies treatment using the extender.

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:15 am
by thorflea
mr.goblin, how goes your progress? Any lessons learned you can share?

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:16 pm
by Mr.Goblin
Right. So I am still rather new at this "project" going still.

Technically it is my 2nd go at this, after a 5 year break. But again, it is only the second time around that I also received what is Peyronies.

Basically I am at week 2.5 now in using the Extender, as well the multitude of supplements.

I can actually confidently tell you that I have made some 'small' progress already. Basically I notice that my penis (when erect) is very slight re-gaining some girth! The girth that went missing due to some scarring in the tissue (where it pinches tissue inward). Now I also felt around the flesh (when erect), and I notice some strange textures. The hard callus like scaring has slightly softened. And also seems slightly more pliable, and a little "smooshy" sort of speak. I feel like the tissues surrounding the scar are trying to heal. The scar itself remain fairly hard and maintains to 'indent' my penis inward a bit (the loss of girth). However the tissues surrounding that scar, are begging to 'come out' almost puffy like. And this is the area where I mostly notice some change. Improvement.

What I am hoping for is that the healing will work its way toward that darned scar (or callus like node), and then attempt to heal that also. The tissue around the scar, also basically sunk inward toward that scar pinch. Now that tissue around is pushing outward a bit, and it looks like it is also trying to "pop outward" that scar as well. Almost.

I have some hope here guys. It may not fully give me by girth back, but it might get close. And that scar might remain.... but soften. And that might even be good enough.

The curve or bend in my penis. It was only about 10 degrees bent before (to the left). And now I also want to say that it has straghtened up to 5 degree better. My penis almost looks straight. I think the visual throw off now, might just be because the left side of my penis has some girth missing.... so it looks like my penis is a bit non-symmetric (when erect). Ya; I am pretty sure about that 5 degree improvement, in 2.5 weeks time.

With Peyronies. Or curved penis, you can't put too much pressure on the streach, with Extender. THis is not healthy. I t might create more damage. However if you just put a slight amount of pressure on... it seems to be working out!

Also; I want to say that I have been putting on the Extender 4-5 out of 7 days week. Those 4-5 days I wear my extender for two or three sessions each. And every session I keep it on for about three hours. I take it off for an hour or so, for a blood flow break, and did give my cold'ish penis head a break lol. Then I put it back on again. (And I never put Extender on during the night).

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:56 pm
by thorflea
Thanks for the update.

I am a prostate cancer survivor. Had my prostate removed Jan / 2016. I've been dealing with peyronies for little over a year now. It started without a physical miss-hap occurring. It was just there one day. I hope the extender will help.

I just ordered the Extender and waiting on delivery.

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:07 pm
by Mr.Goblin
Yes, sometimes it just "occures", and the docs don't understand why.
I do hear that cancer causes the immune system to become well computerized, and it sometimes guys get Peyronies due to that.

I have a personal specialist working with me periodically. You should do the same, find someone. I wonder if you just have a calcium build up, do to poor immune system (the past). Sometimes 'sonic wave' therapy can break away cysts and calcium build ups, which can also give Peyronies. This, would be an easier treatment for your condition, if this IS the condition. Usually it is too much calcium build up in the penis tissues. None the less, the Extender should help some.

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:10 pm
by thorflea
It's been over a month now. I hope you are making progress.

Any good news?

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:46 pm
by Mr.Goblin
Hmm. Well. I will say "weird" news.

But firstly I wanted to tell you that I found some other herbals and vitamins that you might want to use. Specific to you, due to the cancer before. Because cancer erodes girth usually. And decays nerves, for nerve damage.

And I am going through some same issues here, although I never had the cancer.

Here are some more pharmacy store pick ups you might want to consider. And they help with cell repair, maintenance, as well blood flow. Oh, yes, and also nerve repair, and nerve memory (in the penile).

>>Ginkgo Biloba (for nerve memory); L-Arginine (to help protein form new cells in the penile); Ginseng (to help engorge penile with blood). Those should be taken together. Best working while you are sleeping at night; for during repair time.

Then >> Selenium (cell tissue repair); Krill Fish Oil (omega, for cell repair and maintenance); Vitamin B12 (help form red blood cells); Coenzyme Q10 (for your cardio and blood flow); Magnesium (for blood flow and protein synthesis); Zinc (a bit for immune system); Vitamin C and D; and lastly Vitamin E. These should be taken together also... lots of pills I know. This combo is used WITH the traction device. Best time to take it is in the morning time with food; or a couple hours before you use the traction device (eat too). The Vit E helps to make your penile tissues elastic like, the cells in the Corpra tubes; which is good while the traction device is set. And blood flow as well cardo flow are also important during day time traction hours. Anything to help synthesis your proteins and get them to where they need to be. The Arganin helps to direct to the penile during the night as well day.

And I am presuming that you are eating normal protein on a regular basis.

So this combo will help you get some girth gain back mostly. Over time. And if you are lucky; you might get some length back WHILE your girth reinstates, or improves back to normal again. Length only best arrives if there is some penile girth to amply stretch.

So in the beginning, just put the traction device on 'lightly' pressure. Don't stretch the shit out of your dick right off the bat. Because it might actually harm your penis. First; after cancer; you need to re-fortify your tissues down there.

Also; erections are your best friend, as often as you can put them on! And usually erections re typical through the night anyway. And you want these. During erectile nights are when your penile does most of its healing and repair. Also, anytime your penile is erect in the day, there will also be a time for some penile maintenance for the blood to effectively get in there and deliver products to cells.

Flaccid times, are for your penile to actually die off cells and clean out the bad dead cells. "Sick cells" I call them. Lower blood flow at times is normal and fine, and required for bad tissues cells to be processed to your liver and kidneys for junk. And there is theory that it slowly gets rid of some soft scar tissue in your penile, if you have any of that also (like I do); over a long time.

I think you might have better luck than me, because you don't have scar tissue, if I remember. You just have decayed cells in the penile, due to cancer. And I think that can grow back over time. First the girth is important, and then after that focus more on the length with the traction device (meaning more pull).

At this stage the traction device is best for making your penile cells stretch out a bit, so while the dead cells are being processed, the new cells being created will fill in the small gaps of the 'stretch'. Thus helping regrow girth, and perhaps in time also length.

Don't eat too much Calcium. Calcium will try to jump into those gaps to fill them faster that your normal proteins. And you don't want too much of this, as calcium will actually 'harden' and prohibit girth and length growth. Some calcium in your diet is fine, but just don't go crazy with it.

Collagen pills, help to fill in those gaps fast also, before calcium gets i there. And then the proteins fit into that afterwards (combining with the Collagen). I mentioned to you before about taking some Collagen.

Now. About me! I have noticed some odd things. After 1 month using the extender, rather dedicate.
So; I am stretching my max right now. Enough pressure where it feels a bit uncomfortable. Only have I started this extra pull this week past. Before that it was more lax; but I am stepping it up now; only because my matter is different from yours. I have to stretch out hard scar tissue.

And it is stretching!!!

That scar tissue is hard, and brutal. It may never heal actually.... sad to say.
However, while taking many pill supplements here and keeping my penis engorged periodically (usually through the night... via Ginkgo Biloba/ Coenzyme Q10/ L-Arginine/ Magnesium); as well the traction device during the day; I have noticed something.

I have noticed that over the last two weeks, my penis is morphing. I mean, the girth is not coming back, technically. However, when I get erect and am still with said supplements in my system; I do notice that the gorge-girth fights against the reverse pull of the hard scar section. Which very slightly gives me a little girth improvement while erect. But more so than that; I notice that my scar tissue is moving! It is sort of softening a little bit around the hard 'slit' scar-main.

I can't comment on things yet. But what I am hoping for is in that the scaring will continue to stretch out. And I am hoping that good blood flow will get in there, in between that soft scaring especially, and replace dead cells with fresh ones. Protein best... but if not so much, then Collagen mix (defeat the calcium build up!). My plan is to get that hard scar portion to soften up a bit. Any little bit, would make for improvement my issue. And I think it can only soften over time, in with the traction pull mixed with select elastic giving vitamins as well cell replacement.

I am against the odds though. I feel maybe there is a 20% chance that my theory will work here. Hoping to regain 50% of my lost girth. And improve length as I go, due to the traction device itself (which is more promising the length build for me). However I am more wanting my girth back is all. Any length gain would just be a side effect while on my mission.

Also, I have some nerve damage and sense loss, due to my original injury. That fracture and scar. So I am hoping these decent supplements will help to regain some sense to my penis. I think I only lost maybe 20% sensitivity feeling due to injury; spread to the penile head, in general. And I think I've noticed an improvement actually when I masturbate. I feel a bit more than two weeks ago. I think some nerves are regrowing back at least.

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:45 pm
by AnonymousMH
Thank you for this post. Very informative and helpful.

Re: Starting Peyronies correction and growth today

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:23 pm
by AnonymousMH
Have you noticed any curvature correction at all? I have seen some posts that are very negative. I have curvature to the left and up. Sustained injury during sex. I really want this fixed and am unwilling to get surgery. I'd like to know if you've noticed a straighter erection.