I ejaculated at my penis examination

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I ejaculated at my penis examination

Post by HBsauce » Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:21 am

I haven't had a long term relationship for over 5 years, which is in part through having a busy career and partly down to insecurities that I have about the size of my penis and sexual performance.

To overcome this latter issue about 4 weeks ago I attended the Foster & Williams clinic in London, I'd chosen to have a female consultant because I felt weird about having a man look at and measure my penis. The problem however was that she was far more hands on with demonstrating the exercises than I had anticipated. Having an attractive young woman stretching the muscles and stimulating the blood flow got me far more excited than I was prepared for. She was very professional and assured me that it was not unusual, I relaxed a little as the consultation continued but then on the final stretching exercise she grasped tighter than previous and without warning I went over the edge. Long story short, I ejaculated all over the carpet and a little on her hand as I tried to pull away, though luckily she was wearing gloves. Nothing was said, and she just calmly passed me a box of tissues and then went to her desk. I went back behind the curtain and got dressed, she then talked me through the supplements regime as though nothing had happened. Though I can't really remember much of what she said as I felt foolish and just wanted to escape.

Thing is, I am now at the end of the exercise and supplement programme and need to go back for my final measurement, my penis has definitely developed extra girth and a little length so I'd really like to continue with the post programme routines, but I feel too embarrassed to see her again. So from having an issue with my size I am now worried about premature ejaculation!!

Any suggestions how I overcome this before it gets into my head?

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Re: I ejaculated at my penis examination

Post by straal1969 » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:06 am

Why don't you masterbate before your exam?
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Re: I ejaculated at my penis examination

Post by TracyMorninge » Wed Dec 25, 2019 9:15 am

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