waste of time

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waste of time

Post by DarkRoast » Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:26 pm

I find penis exercises a waste of time. i always end up getting an erection when i start and that my friends is counter productive L-)

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Re: waste of time

Post by Dangler » Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:42 pm

That happens to many starting out, used to happen to me when I was many years younger.
When that happens, take a short break. You will be training your grey matter in between your ears that this is just exercise not sexual activity. You will be learning stamina, how to last longer.

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Re: waste of time

Post by mackz12 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:54 pm

Hey Guys.

With some encouraging input from Dangler (thanks Dangler !) , I have begun to incorporate PE exercises into my extender routine. At first, I'm doing basic stretching exercises, and as time goes on, I will move to more advanced stretching exercises. At some point, I also see myself starting a Jelqing program as well. For now though, I will continue to give lengthening a priority in my routine.

Happy stretching everyone !


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waste of time

Post by Pleani » Tue May 07, 2019 7:58 am

I think you have it backwards

what do you do with the weights for that short of a time period?

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