Connect with other users suffering from penile curvature or that have found ways to correct it.
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Post by countryboy1952 » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:27 pm

I have read several post on paronies disease.A lot of them talk about degrees.Like a 20 or 30 degree curvature.How is a simple way to tell what degree of curvature I have.My penis curves to the left about the ten o,clock position.

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Re: curvature

Post by Dangler » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:07 am

Google the word:

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Re: curvature

Post by pudendum » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:21 pm

countryboy1952 - True Peyronie's disease involves the formation of a fibrous (hard) plaque (basically a patch of thick tissue), It is a slow growing mass in the tunica. Its presence causes the penis to take very sharp bend in the direction of the fibrous mass, it is the bend point because it does not expand like the rest of the penis so it pulls the penis in its direction. Peyronie's disease is NOT the cause of normal gentle curves. If you do not feel a hardened mass in your flaccid penis at the center of your curve, you do not have Peyronie's.

Guys continued to be very concerned about curves and are concerned they have Peyronie's disease. I believe that the incidence of Peyronie's is overblown. (I know that Hawk at the Peyronie's Disease disagrees with me and we had quite a dust up on this forum 2 years ago). If you seriously think you have a true bend and think it's Peyronie's, see your doctor. Otherwise understand that gentle erect curves are normal. Stretch without fear; whether it will correct the curve is up to your penis and not you.

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Re: curvature

Post by TracyMorninge » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:07 am

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