Activity during routine checks RS gold

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Activity during routine checks RS gold

Post by mmogomlb » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:07 am

Activity during routine checks RS gold Tracing it back into a mod of this Old School edition of Runescape, Jagex went properly to neutralise any effect it had.Observing the firing, the dev set about returning items and GP ingame currency to affected consumers not a thing that usually happens when items go missing like this, but as it was caused

by a Jagex employee it is fair to say there is a different strategy in play.If there are doubts about how badly Jagex is accepting the problem, the statement points out authorities are actively involved and additional comments will need to wait until after investigations are complete."We pride ourselves on both the passion and ethics of the

JMods that work for Jagex and we hold them to the greatest standards," the article read,"But we are not scared to take tough action and make tough decisions when someone cannot meet these standards. "We will dust ourselves off, and proceed. Old School is at its biggest and strongest since launch, but we still have much to do, not

least a cellular launching which each day gets nearer."An update confirmed cheap OSRS gold no card details were compromised; consumers were just in danger of getting lost ingame items and currency.With Runescape as a whole earning almost a thousand dollars since its launching in , acts like that are something Jagex takes very seriously. It's nice to see

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