Finally got a good workout

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Matty B
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Finally got a good workout

Post by Matty B » Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:49 am

So although I've had my patriotic extender set for a few weeks now, I've been pretty busy and havent got to wear it for more than an hour now and then. Yesterday, I got to wear it for about 2 hours, took it off and massaged it a bit as I'm not used to wearing it yet for an extended amount of time. After about 10 to 15 minutes, I put it back on for almost another 2 hours. After taking it off, I again massaged it, and did some jelqing. About 25 minutes worth. I decided to see if she could notice a difference. She didnt say anything about it being longer, but she asked part way through if we could put some lube on. She was a little uncomfortable even using lube. She then asked part way through if the stretcher made it bigger around. Said it was uncomfortable as she wasnt used to it being thicker. Told her it was just swelled because of the exercises afterward. But I wasnt exactly sure.
So question is, was it thicker because of the jelqing? Or is it from the almost 4 hours of stretching? Not that I'm complaining, it was nice to hear her mention the size difference, even if it was only girth gain. But I just want to know if the girth gain was due to jelqing or from stretching. I'm not sure what a "big" girth would be, I measured once a while back, had approx. 5.5" girth, but have been told that I was kind of thin. Even stroking some lube on it last night, it physically felt a bit thicker to me, I'm guessing here, but probably 5.75" or a little more last night. Was nice, and felt better knowing even I could feel the difference in my hand.
I guess I'm just happy that there was some change, but wondering which method made the gain. Any insight would be appreciated.

New to PE, just started using my x4 patriot edition extender. Hoping to get some gains from it. 1.5" FL, 5.5" EL to start. :(

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