Equip yourself well is one of the most important keys of the PUBG

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Equip yourself well is one of the most important keys of the PUBG

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still in the mouth of many for obvious reasons. The great success of 2017 in Steam adds more and more followers and has already passed the eight million copies since March 23, being a game in early access. Equip yourself well is one of the most important keys of the game. Knowing what to choose, what to discard and equip yourself properly can make the difference between life and death. Among these crucial choices, knowing the effects of each of the items linked to PUBG Boosting is equally important.

The first thing we must make clear before we start talking about the advantages of PUBG clothes is that there are two types of equipment: the cosmetic and the one you find in the game. The first is a collection of objects and accessories that you can get by opening Pioner Crates, boxes, while the second is what really interests us. In this house we are passionate about the work of Bluehole. If you want to unleash all your mysteries do not miss how to open all the boxes and keys of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, and if they are winning you every time you shoot, here is a guide to aim well.

Although we have left the cosmetic items aside, this clothes in PUBG is also important for the first minutes of your departure. We recommend that you avoid equipping colorful colors such as red or yellow and that you go with items that help you camouflage yourself until you start to equip yourself with protections. However, the clothes in PUBG that really matter is what you will find in the field. The first thing you will need is to get a level 2 backpack to have space to protect all the parts of the body and, at the same time, to have a pair of main weapons, some grenades, bandages, energy drinks and medical kits.

The most crucial thing to be well protected in the game has to do with two types of clothes in PUBG: helmets and police vests. There are several types of helmets, all of three levels as well as vests, and we know that they offer protection that weakens as you take damage. Our recommendation is that you equip military helmets of level 2 or higher and accompany them with vests of the same style. If you can find clothes in PUBG that is military, you will gain PUBG Win Boosting, and you are probably better camouflaged in the environment, so keep that in mind.

Then, all the boots, shirts, jackets and pants occupy different points of space in your backpack, so equip them only in case they help you to go unnoticed by their color. This is what each clothes in PUBG does not offer protection, trousers 40 points of inventory, footwear 20 points of inventory. Another recommendation that can help you is that, in addition to the backpacks equipped Utility Belts to increase your capacity, or Bullet Loops to carry more shotgun bullets. Finally, if you want the best clothes in PUBG to camouflage yourself, bet on the Ghillie Suit, a drop that you will normally find in the boxes that the plane drops.

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