Hillary Clinton Has Not Seen Lenny Kravitz Penis Yet, But Will “Check it Out”

hillary-clinton-lena-dunham-funny-or-dieHillary Clinton is running for president and is currently looking like the Democratic frontrunner. When candidates run for president, they tend to do and say things to make them appear more presidential. However in recent years, this isn’t always the case. Candidates find themselves trying to pander to the younger people vote. This seems to be what Hillary Clinton is attempting when agreeing to sit down for an interview with Leah Dunham for Funny or Die.

For those who don’t know, Lena Dunham is the often polarizing start of HBO’s hit show “Girls”. Dunham conducted the interview as content for her new website Lenny Letter. The website describes itself as a place for feminism, style, health and politics. Seems she certainly landed quite the political figure for this interview segment.

Although the interview has yet to be released it its entirety, you can see a trailer for it below. It starts off with a mild joke, as the presidential hopeful says she thought that this was an interview with Lenny Kravitz. Lena then asks if she has seen Lenny Kravitz penis yet. Seems she always has her mind in the gutter. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton has not seen Lenny Kravitz penis yet, but will “check it out”.

Not the most presidential thing she could say, but something tells us that this will go over well with millennials. Pretty candid and funny stuff, with a good chance to go viral.