Instagram Bans Eggplant Emoji Searches in Hopes to Squash Eggplant Fridays

eggplant-emoji-instagramRecently Instagram has begun making all web emojis searchable. Fantastic news for all right? All but eggplant enthusiasts that is. That’s right, Instagram has banned the eggplant from emoji searches. Searching for the fruit (yes it’s a fruit not a vegetable) emoji interestingly yields “no tags found”. But why?

Well the answer is simple; fear of penis pictures overrunning their search. Yes, penis pictures. Eggplant is the emoji of choice for those posting pictures of penises on Instagram. It all started with an event called Eggplant Fridays. The weekly phenomenon entailed Instagram users taking pictures of their penises through their sweatpants to resemble eggplants. You can’t make this stuff up.

I guess with all the younger age groups I can respect the fact that they have singled out the eggplant. But it makes you wonder, why haven’t other emojis been banned as well?


You can still get results when searching for gun and knife (or even skull) emojis on Instagram. Makes you wonder really. Is a penile bulge truly more harmful than a threat with a gun or a knife? Instagram seems to think so. Rather obvious that they believe a natural part of the human anatomy is more worthy of being censored than actual violence.

It doesn’t end there. There are a number of emojis that symbolize drug abuse all still very much searchable. Once again the penis gets the shaft!

One thing is for sure, emojis have become a big part of social media interaction. We think the fact that Instagram has made them fully searchable is really cool. What is sad to see is the partial censorship. Signalling out the eggplant emoji as adult in nature just because of its recent association to the penis. What’s next? Bananas?