Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad: Good Old Fashioned Penis Enlargement or Photoshop?


Lots of buzz going around about the new Justin Bieber Calvin Klein underwear ads. Looks like Canada’s golden boy is back in the headlines and not for the best of reasons. Most of the buzz is about his physique and the size of his bulge. Rightfully so, it is an underwear ad after all. Thing is that lots of people seem to think that Justin is larger than previously thought before. Is it penis enlargement? Is it Photoshop? It seems that a website called Breath Heavy gave us the answer by unleashing some pics from the shoot before post-production image retouching.

The answer is: Photoshop. Seems pretty obvious that JB got caught with his pants down on this one. Since then Justin’s people have had the pics taken down, but it was too late. They are pretty much all over the internet. I am actually surprised that the website agreed to take the photos down as they seem legit. I guess Justin has a longer reach than we think.

The thing is, if they felt that his size was lacking, why not have him strap a penis extender on 6 months prior to the shoot. Like usual, the unaltered photos leaked and now they have no doubt hurt his image and Calvin Klein’s as well. I mean, I get brushing up a photo, but this is ridiculous. And it goes beyond his crotch, his whole body has been restructured. Talk about false advertising.

In this day in age, there are so many options for both temporary and permanent penis enlargement why go through the trouble of releasing Photoshopped ads like this. They have to know that we would eventually find out. That being said, we would be more than happy to send Justin a free penis enlargement kit free of charge so he won’t have to deceive us on his next photoshoot.