Three Brave Men Share What it is Like to Live with a Micro-Penis on a British TV Show

three-men-with-micro-penisThree “brave lads” sat down with the British morning show “This Morning” for a interview about their micro-penis condition. We tip our hats to these guys. They really share some honest views about what it feels like to be living with a micro-penis.

Their names are Jack, Clive and Ant. They open up about their sexual experiences candidly. For the most part they seem to be fine with it. The hosts tell them that more than 60% of men fear their penises are too small. This is such an important question for all men to consider. Penis enlargement isn’t about if your penis is statistically small or not. Penis enlargement is about whether or the individual is happy with their penis size.

You can see that generally, these men are fine with their condition. All three are well under the average penis size. They seem confident and fine with discussing it. More power to them, but not everyone shares their sentiment. That’s why you have penis extender companies like X4 Labs specifically designing penis extenders made to help men with micro-penis benefit from the same penile traction therapy as men with average penis size looking for some added inches.

A woman tweets a comment about how it is not about the size of the engine, but more about the driver. Many women share this sentiment. But as we learned in a previous news story, not all do. Regardless, no one should be working on penis enlargement for someone else, but rather to feel better and bolster themselves.

The female co-host, Ruth, goes as far as to take out a tape measure to get a better idea of each man’s penis size and compare it to the average size. It is rather amusing to see a morning television show TV host openly talk to 3 men about their penis size like this but we are all for it. It takes a lot of guts to share your experiences on a topic like this and we commend the show for taking it on. Without a doubt they helped some men out there feel like they are not alone.

Funny stuff for sure. But for some men, living with a micro-penis can really take its toll on their mental health and affect their confidence… which is no laughing matter.