How to Make Your Penis Longer and Thicker in 2016… Guaranteed!

increase-penis-length-girthWhen it comes to making your penis longer and thicker there are a slew of products out there that claim to offer results but which can offer you guaranteed results. Believe it not, there are products that are clinically backed and do offer money back results guarantees. The most effective brand that does this is X4 Labs. They make penis extender devices made to fit everyone and use actual results collected from their users to bolster their product line.

Here is how it works. They are so confident you can achieve positive results using their devices for penile traction therapy that they will give you DOUBLE your money back if you don’t. All you have to do is buy an X4 Labs device of your choice, use it as directed for 6 months straight during the first year after purchase and if you don’t get gains… you will be refunded double your money back. Simple as that.

Now you might ask yourself; How is this possible? Well, penile traction therapy (penis stretching) is pretty much the only way to safely get permanent penis enlargement results. X4 Labs has been making penile traction therapy devices for over 10 years, and when used correctly they report a near 100% success rates in their in-house clinical studies.

What separates them from other devices is simple. They offer enough customization features to ensure pretty much everyone can fit into and benefit from their penis extenders. In as little as 6 months you can gain 30% in penis length and girth. Users report an average of 18% gains.


Once you have the device, all you have to do is wear it for between 4-8 hours per day. Results don’t come overnight, they are gradual. They strongly recommend tracking your gains using their official Penile Traction Therapy Progress Tracker. It allows you to make notes and log your usage time and measurement day by day. And it is open to everyone, not just X4 Labs customers. The truth is that nothing inspires users more than seeing measurable results. Do your research, X4 Labs has helped more men achieve penis enlargement results than any other company.

Many doctors prescribe these devices to patients suffering from micro-penis, or looking into having penile augmentation surgery because they are so much safer. There are no risks when it comes to penile traction therapy. If you put the work in, you get the gains. Just like if you stay committed and go to the gym or work out every day, it will make a difference in your body, if you use your penis extender every day it will make a difference in your penis size.

With so many people with different New Years resolutions this year, wanting to change or improve something about themselves that they want to change. Penis enlargement should be no different, and because of products like this it isn’t. If you are unhappy with your penis size or feel like you would be more confident with an extra inch or two, go for it!

X4 Labs are industry leaders and offer devices starting under $90 with free shipping to the United States. And even if you want to go all out and order their top of the line flagship device package, it is under $300. If having a larger penis is important to you, you pretty much can’t afford not to.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose and double your money back to gain. The good people at X4 Labs have decided to kick off the year with a sale specifically for men who want to increase their penis size in 2016. They are offering devices for up to 75% off. An unbelievable savings. You can get more details on their guarantee page. Happy enlarging in 2016, everyone!