The Many Ways Your Penis Can Warn You That Your Health May Be in Trouble

penis-health-warning-signThere are many ways that your penis warns you that other aspects of your health may be in trouble. The good news is, the warning signs are early and if you notice them, you should immediately consult with your physician. The earlier you do this, the better chance you have of overcoming it.

As we have mentioned in our newsfeed before, Erectile Dysfunction is an early sign of heart disease. We continue to strongly recommend that all men that experience any signs of ED they should immediately consult their doctor. ED can be a difficult topic to discuss with anyone, but rest assured your doctor won’t judge you. The first instinct of many men may be to try and get their hands on some Viagra or Cialis to try and medicate the problem away. The catch is that these drugs can have potentially harmful side-effects if you’re suffering from heart disease. We recommend you proceed with caution and if you do take any supplements prior to seeing a doctor, make sure they are organic and all natural.

Next up is the loss of penile sensitivity. This sensation, or lack thereof, is a sign of low testosterone and can be treated with medication that help bolster the male reproductive hormone. Again, we strongly recommend the advice of a qualified physician. This is very a very common occurrence among men in their mid 30’s to late 40’s. Also worth noting that this is far more common in men that have penile circumcision.

If you can get sexually aroused but cannot achieve an orgasm you may be frustrated and feel like it’s the end of your sexual world but it is not. You may just be suffering from good old fashioned “blue balls”. This is a term used for when your prostate gland is congested preventing orgasm which can cause uneven blood flow to your genital and even testicle enlargement. It is basically blood congestion, but it can be addressed with a simple medical procedure.

Anyone who has a penis has probably noticed that their size changes from time to time. Whether it is just after you have gone swimming (can you say shrinkage?) or if you have spent too much time in the sauna. Generally doctors recommend avoid wearing restrictive clothing and keep their penis cool. The reason they recommend that is because when your penis size shrinks due to a change in temperature there is a lack of blood flow. Long term changes like this can really affect sperm production and even make you infertile (yikes). Studies show that frequent use of a penis extender for penile traction therapy can really help improve blood flow and increase the length and girth of your penis over time.

Finally, we have the ever so taken for granted morning wood. Are you one of those men that wakes up each and every morning with an erection? Don’t fret, this is not a sign of a larger scope health issue, it is actually a sign that your penis and spirits are healthy. Many studies show that lack of morning erections is a sign of depression. Depression can lead to dreaded erectile dysfunction so it is not to be taken lightly.

These are just some of the ways our penis can warn us of some serious health issues. It is wise to not take your penile status lightly and to open lines of conversation with your doctor so he knows how to best address these issues as early as possible.