Elizabeth Banks to Jennifer Lawrence: ‘You Basically Have Penis!’

Elizabeth Banks has become quite the social media penis poster-girl as of late. Seems every time we get a penis-related news alert she’s all up in it. Yesterday, she interviewed Jennifer Lawrence for Season 2 of her ‘Ask a Badass’ YouTube segment for her channel. While this is not quite as sexually charged as when she discussed if she would date a man with micro-penis a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty funny. During the interview Elizabeth drops a bomb on fans by telling Jennifer “You’re a guy’s girl… You basically have a penis!” No worries guys, she doesn’t actually have a penis (or… Read More »

Time for Medical Insurance Companies to Cover Penile Traction Therapy Devices That Treat Peyronie’s Disease

With Movember moustaches already in full affect this year, I think it is time to shed some light on a topic that hasn’t gotten enough traction (pardon the pun). Many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of a penile traction therapy device. Their reasoning behind this? Well, they believe that Peyronies Disease treatment is not a medical necessity. Basically implying that if those suffering from penile curvature can’t afford to pony up the cash for a penis extender out of pocket, then they should just learn to live with it. Try telling that to someone who has the disease. Someone that… Read More »

Why You Should Pump Before and After Using Your Penis Extender for Optimal Results

There is no question that using a penis extender and a penis pump together in your penis enlargement routine can be very effective. One frequently asked question is what order to use them for optimal results. Generally speaking, you should use your pump after your extender session. That being said, a quick 2 minute pumping session prior to extending can be beneficial. Doing this can really help with slippage and give you a more solid fit when putting on the extender. Using your pump after an extender session really helps with blood circulation and recovery. It will definitely expedite results from your… Read More »

Anna Kendrick On Why There’s No ‘Female Viagra’

Anna Kendrick, who you may remember from her roles in “Twilight” of “Pitch Perfect” (or maybe not) just earned some serious cred in the comedy department. Recently her interview with Marie Claire Magazine was featured on the cover. As usual, the magazine is plastered with other stories on the right and left of the cover model. One of them was a question. Anna decided to take the liberty of posting her answer to that question on her Twitter. The results? Hilarity. It seems to have gone over pretty well, with over 4,000 retweets! It is official, I am now an Anna Kendricks… Read More »

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Features Character with 13 Inch Penis

Can your dick get so big that you are considered a circus freak? According to the writers of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” it can. One of the “freaks” depicted on the show this season has one some may consider, a very beneficial deformity… a 13 inch penis! Does that really make you a freak? Not sure, but if that’s the case, sign me up. The character is known as Stanley and is played by Denis O’Hare. He claims there is much more to his character than meets the eye (really?). “What I love about American Horror Story it’s never just a… Read More »