Trouble with the Curve: Straightening Penis Curvature Caused by Peyronies Disease

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to the best way to straighten your penis. One thing I think we can all agree on is that surgery should be a last resort. Peyronies Disease (PD) can be very troublesome to live with for a variety of reasons. One of the main issues that those suffering from PD have to deal with is pain during sex. Can you imagine that? One of the most pleasurable experiences you can have being spoiled by sharp pains? That is a horrible thought I hope no one ever has to deal with. Surgery… Read More »

Top Ingredients to Look for in an Enhancement Pill

With all the news of over-the-counter male enhancement pills getting yanked off the market left and right by the FDA lately, it’s more important than ever before to know what is in your supplement of choice. Right off the bat I can tell you that if the pill manufacturer does not clearly state what is in the pill openly you should NOT take it. Often these pills tend to contain chemical ingredients that require a prescription from your doctor, that are being used illegally. They are precisely the kind of pills that the FDA is trying to regulate, restrict and ban. Even worse, they may end… Read More »

We Want YOU to be a Penis Enlargement Forum MOD!

Good news everyone. We are now looking for some active moderators for our forums. Here is your chance to share your PE expertise and help other achieve their enlargement goals. Applying is easy, simply reply to the official thread with why you should be chosen. Oh, and there will be some great FREE PE product perks for those that prove to be an asset to the community. We will be announcing some selections in the near future. Do you think you have what it takes? You can check out all the details on how to get the gig by clicking the… Read More »

The Ideal Times to Use Your Penis Extender

Countless studies and users have established that penile traction therapy works. Wearing your extender as directed by the manufacturer can and when used properly, will increase your penis length and girth. Great! But what’s the catch? Ah, there’s always a catch. In this particular case the catch is similar to using a treadmill. Using a treadmill for example, can and will help you stay fit. But you have to actually take initiative and use it. If your treadmill is in the basement collecting dust, it is not going to help you stay fit. The same goes for a penis extender, you… Read More »

CBS News Article All About Penis Extenders

Lots of people tend to believe that penis extenders are not a mainstream product. While this may be true, it does not mean that several major media outlets have not covered the penis enlargement phenomenon that is penis stretchers. The results are very real, and people all over the world are taking notice! Over the course of the last few years countless studies by reputable doctors have been published about the effectiveness of penile traction therapy. Responsible news outlets like CBS News can no longer ignore it, even if they wanted to. In 2011 CBS NEWS released an article entitled “The Long and… Read More »