How Penile Traction Therapy Can Help You Have a Healthier, Bigger and Stronger Penis

There are numerous methods for penis enlargement, but we feel the one method that really stands out above and beyond all others is penile traction therapy. For those who may not know what that is, it’s pretty simple. Gentle tension along the shaft of your penis over time, causes your penile cells to divide and multiply, leaving your penis not just longer but thicker as well. The best way to achieve this type of therapy is by using a penile traction therapy device known as a Penis Extender. Not all Penis Extenders (or penis stretchers) are created equal. We recommend… Read More »

The Many Ways Your Penis Can Warn You That Your Health May Be in Trouble

There are many ways that your penis warns you that other aspects of your health may be in trouble. The good news is, the warning signs are early and if you notice them, you should immediately consult with your physician. The earlier you do this, the better chance you have of overcoming it. As we have mentioned in our newsfeed before, Erectile Dysfunction is an early sign of heart disease. We continue to strongly recommend that all men that experience any signs of ED they should immediately consult their doctor. ED can be a difficult topic to discuss with anyone,… Read More »

It’s Official: Penis Enlargement Implants Being Offered By Beverley Hills Urologist Dr. James Elist

Penis enlargement is a big topic of discussion for men all over the world. Up until now, penis enlargement surgery was very limited. That is all about to change. Dr. James Elist, a urologist famous for linking smoking to erectile dysfunction has now developed a surgery which offers men penis enlargement implants, similar to the breast implants offered to women. The surgery is said to increase your penis size by up to 2 inches and takes only 45 minutes to perform. Much like breast implants, the penile implants are being offered in 3 different sizes (L, XL and XXL). However… Read More »

Penis Extender: Silicone Noose VS Comfort Strap

Introduction to the Debate When it comes to choosing a quality penis extender you want to know that it is a good fit. Think about it, you can’t exactly try it on. That’s why the most reputable penis stretcher brands tend to offer users various fasteners to choose from. This goes a long way in ensuring you will be able to wear your device. Remember everyone’s penis is different in shape and size. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to penis extender fastening and any brand that tells you different is misleading you. Then you also have to consider the fact… Read More »

American Soldiers with Severe Penile Injuries Approved for Life-Changing Penis Transplants

We are all familiar with the hazards of war. Many of us first hand. We have seen the Wounded Warrior ads and how many brave soldiers have lost limbs or been severely injured while on a tour of duty. Recently science has made great strides in prosthetics, offering soldiers state-of-the-art technology to try and help them return to normalcy after being injured. But what about male soldiers who have suffered penile injuries? Up until now, for brave veterans who lost or severely injured their penises the only procedure offered has been “radial forearm free flap phalloplasty. A surgery which takes forearm… Read More »