FDA Approves First Ever Generic Version of Viagra

It finally happened and the news is out. The FDA approves first ever generic version of Viagra. This was bound to happen with Pfizer’s Viagra (sildenafil citrate) patent due to expire March 2020. This is great news for the 18 million men over the age of 20 that are affected by erectile dysfunction. Some healthy competition is just what the market ordered. Viagra pills have been known to cost anywhere between $40-$80. With the introduction of these new generic versions, some people predict that the price will plummet as low as $15. That is huge savings. The FDA approval was granted to… Read More »

Donald Trump Guarantees Americans That Despite Marco Rubio’s Comments His Penis Size is Not a Problem

Well, there you have it. In case anyone was really concerned about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s penis size, after Marco Rubio’s comments, he literally guaranteed us that is not a problem at last night’s Fox News Republican Presidential debate. Phew! Every so often, the discussion of penis size hits mainstream news and naturally we could not be more delighted. This entire situation began to unfold when Trump’s rival (or one of them anyway) implied that since Donald Trump has small hands, perhaps his penis is just as small. I know what a lot of you are thinking. This has no place… Read More »

Urologist Dr. Laurence Levine Suspects Premature Ejaculation Will Be Renamed and Featured in a Super Bowl Commercial in the Future

A prominent Urologist and New York Daily News contributor named Dr. Laurence Levine believes that in a few years Premature Ejaculation will have a less abrasive name and treatment for it may even be the topic of commercials during the Super Bowl. He recently published an article declaring that public awareness of Premature Ejaculation can’t come soon enough, and we must admit, he makes a lot of good points. Many of us born before 1980 know that Erectile Dysfunction was not alway known as Erectile Dysfunction. It was not until the topic hit the main stream that it adopted that… Read More »

Meet Mary Lou Marzian: The Kentucky Lawmaker Who Wants to Make Men Need Permission from Their Wives for Viagra

Kentucky lawmaker Mary Lou Marzian is on a mission. A mission to make Viagra unavailable for married men looking to use it in order to have any kind of sex with anyone else but their wives. How does she intend to do that? By requiring what she calls a “signed note” from their wives stating her blessing as well as having these men sign a “sworn promise” that they would only use the drug with their wives. Kentucky has only two abortion clinics and a population of 4.4 million which makes it difficult for women to access abortions. But it is a… Read More »

Nearly Half of Women Blame Themselves When Their Partners Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Should we really be surprised that nearly 42% of women blame themselves when their husband or sexual partner experiences erectile dysfunction (ED)? Whether you are or not, it is a fact when it according to a new survey conducted by UK based Superdrug Online Doctor. Erectile dysfunction affects nearly half of men between the age of 40 to 70 at some point in their lives. There is a ton of information about how men feel about erectile dysfunction, but rarely do we see a comprehensive survey about the effects of of ED on women. They surveyed 1000 women and some of… Read More »