Three Brave Men Share What it is Like to Live with a Micro-Penis on a British TV Show

Three “brave lads” sat down with the British morning show “This Morning” for a interview about their micro-penis condition. We tip our hats to these guys. They really share some honest views about what it feels like to be living with a micro-penis. Their names are Jack, Clive and Ant. They open up about their sexual experiences candidly. For the most part they seem to be fine with it. The hosts tell them that more than 60% of men fear their penises are too small. This is such an important question for all men to consider. Penis enlargement isn’t about… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery to Increase Length and Girth

Recently a prominent plastic who specializes in male genital enhancement named Dr. Marcellino revealed the many risks and costs involved with penis enlargement surgery. For starters, as many of you can imagine, penis lengthening surgery entails surgeons cutting the ligament inside the penis. The ligament is the same one that holds a penis so that it hangs at a natural angle. When this ligament is cut, the penis hangs lower, which makes it look longer. But this is only cosmetic, the penis itself is not longer. And this only shows on a penis when it is flaccid. As far as surgery to… Read More »

FDA Warning Consumers About Dangerous Male Enhancement Gum with Hidden Ingedients

No question that when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, consumers need to do their homework before trying anything. It seems that daily the FDA is sending out warnings regarding various products available without a prescription online. Most recently, they have issued a warning about a chewing gum that promises to treat erectile dysfunction called “Wonder-Erect Male Gum”. Up until a few days ago, the gum could be purchased on various websites including The FDA also states that this gum may even be stocked in various retail stores across the United States. Before taking any kind of over the counter… Read More »

How to Make Your Penis Longer and Thicker in 2016… Guaranteed!

When it comes to making your penis longer and thicker there are a slew of products out there that claim to offer results but which can offer you guaranteed results. Believe it not, there are products that are clinically backed and do offer money back results guarantees. The most effective brand that does this is X4 Labs. They make penis extender devices made to fit everyone and use actual results collected from their users to bolster their product line. Here is how it works. They are so confident you can achieve positive results using their devices for penile traction therapy… Read More »

Australian Man Adopts Penis Doodle As His Signature, Ends Up in a Legal Battle

Jared Hyams of Melbourne, Australia likely had no idea that doodling a penis in an application to change his address would end up landing him in a legal battle focused on freedom of signature expression, but that is exactly what happened. He must have been playing a joke, thinking that no one actually pays attention to signature structure on applications like that, but he was wrong. The Australian Electoral Commission does, and did, so they rejected his application of change of address. They also rejected Hyams subsequent appeal, officially calling it “frivolous and vexatious”. When the Sydney Morning Herald reached out… Read More »