Does Penis Size Really Matter to Women?

It’s the age old question, does penis size really matter. The truth is, if you are not comfortable with your penis size, it’s your prerogative to try and do something about it. Penis enlargement is more about self improvement and confidence than about what someone else thinks. Mind you, when you are feeling good about yourself, you are more likely to attract others. Tons of men have scored real penis enlargement results for all the right reasons. The good folks over at WatchCut Video took initiative and rounded up a few random women, ranging in age from 18-50 to try… Read More »

Top Doctor Prescribed Micropenis Treatment Device

There is no question, looking for a surgery-free alternative for micro-penis treatment is a challenge for doctors. Those with penises under the average length of 4 inches can’t fit in a typical penile traction therapy device. That is until X4 Labs, a major penis extender brand, designed a solution. Their exclusive patent pending Mini Support Piece has made them the top doctor prescribed micropenis treatment device. While there are tons of people who are near or above average length that want to add inches to their penis size, it is safe to say that those who need it the most are men with micropenis…. Read More »

Three All Natural Alternatives to Viagra and Cialis for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

While there are quite a few effective methods for penis enlargement, such as penile traction therapy, penis exercises and even surgery, men looking for a sexual performance enhances are usually forced to go see their doctors for a prescription. These prescriptions are usually pricey and have a long list of side-effects. The question is; what were men doing before all these prescription erectile dysfunction drugs came on the market? The truth is there are many all natural alternatives to Viagra and Cialis type of prescription drugs. You may not see these in the mainstream media much, because there aren’t multi-million… Read More »

Bent Penis is Best Treated with Penile Traction Therapy Devices Known as Penis Extenders

Bent penis is most often caused by Peyronie’s Disease. Men who suffer from curvature of this nature are usually desperate for a cure because it can make getting an erection painful. Studies show that the safest and most effective method available to correct bent penis is penile traction therapy. The way penile traction therapy works is by holding your penis straight with moderate tension over time using what is called a penis extender or penis stretcher. Using traction therapy to treat Peyronie’s Disease is considered a safe and cost effective alternative to surgery and injections, which have a high chance of catastrophic side-effects…. Read More »

Hillary Clinton Has Not Seen Lenny Kravitz Penis Yet, But Will “Check it Out”

Hillary Clinton is running for president and is currently looking like the Democratic frontrunner. When candidates run for president, they tend to do and say things to make them appear more presidential. However in recent years, this isn’t always the case. Candidates find themselves trying to pander to the younger people vote. This seems to be what Hillary Clinton is attempting when agreeing to sit down for an interview with Leah Dunham for Funny or Die. For those who don’t know, Lena Dunham is the often polarizing start of HBO’s hit show “Girls”. Dunham conducted the interview as content for… Read More »