Penile Traction Therapy Increases Blood Flow to the Penis Which Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction

x4-penile-traction-therapy-erectile-dysfunction-02One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction (E.D.) is low blood flow to the penis. This is how many prescription erectile disfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis promise to treat E.D. The same goes for non-prescription supplements like Sinrex Dual Synergy Male Enhancement. But what about penis extenders?

Are they only useful for penis enlargement or for straightening the curve or bent penis associated with Peyronies Disease? The answer, simply put, is no.

Studies show that penile traction therapy devices help increase blood flow to the penis cavity as well. Furthermore, they do it naturally and without chemicals or drugs.

Penis stretchers are one of the only penile devices that have multiple usages. And the side effects for these usages? Well, that is one we can all live with… a permanently bigger, longer stronger penis. The same can’t be said for prescription drugs which have a wide range of potentially harmful side-effects and only last for a couple of hours at most.

So what is the catch? Why doesn’t everyone use penile traction therapy to treat erectile dysfunction? The answer once again is simple. Taking a pill is fast and easy and requires little or no effort at all. The same can’t be said about penis extenders. To achieve desired results, manufacturers like X4 Labs recommend you wear your extender between 2-4 hours per day for 6 months. For a lot of men with busy schedules that is a tall task. But the alternative is living with E.D. or taking drugs with what could be dangerous side-effects.

If you can find the time, penis extenders are the way to go. If you can’t, you should try a prescription-free and all-natural male enhancement supplement like Sinrex prior to seeking a doctor’s prescription for any other drug with side-effects that can be worse than living with erectile dysfunction. Good luck with whatever treatment you choose!