Penile Traction Therapy: Works for Enlargement and Curvature

penile-traction-therapy-enlargement-curvaturePenile traction therapy has been around for quite a while but is just recently being recommended by more and more doctors. Originally the concept behind penile traction therapy devices was simple; it was theorized holding a bent penis straight over time would straighten it out. Much like a neck or leg brace does for a bone fracture. Simple enough right? Studies and user experiences show that it did just that. Many doctors and urologists caught on and began treating patients with Peyronie’s Disease with this type of therapy as a last resort prior to a risky surgery.

The good news, if the patient stays committed to use of their device, it works! The only downside being that in order for the therapy to be effective, prolonged and steady use is required. Most doctors and device manufacturers recommend usage of 4-8 hours per day, for 6 months. A small price to pay for avoiding a complicated and often painful surgical procedure.

So studies show that the therapy provided by penis extender devices can straighten a bend in a penis, but where does enlargement come in? Well, it recent studies, those using penis stretchers to straighten their bent penises also reported gains of length and girth. Quite the beneficial side-effect indeed. Of course once this news got out, those looking for penis enlargement and even those looking to treat micro-penis, without the need for surgery started using penile traction therapy as well. And many companies started promoting devices like these for penis enlargement use.

The reason they have become so popular is simple. Penis extenders are essentially exercise devices for your penis. They have very negative side-effects when used correctly and studies have shown time and again that they really do work. Another factor is price. They really are not that expensive in comparison to other medical devices. A high quality penile traction therapy device can cost you as little as $100 with the right sales event. That’s less than a visit to the doctor’s office in some case, and far less expensive than penis enlargement or curvature correction surgeries.

The results take time, and growth is gradual. It is recommended that you measure your progress periodically so you can stay motivated. Much like weighing yourself when dieting or working out. If you are looking for a safe, all natural, do-it-yourself method to either enlarge your penis or treat Peyronie’s Disease we recommend this type of therapy. But don’t take our word for it, ask your doctor and do your research.