X4 Labs Extreme Red Edition Penis Extender Review

X4 Labs Extreme Red Penis Extender Review Introduction

Honoring a decade of persistent innovation as the industry leaders, X4 Labs is always seeking the next step of improving Penile Traction Therapy.

The Extreme Red Edition is an X4 labs Exclusive edition that will amplify a new extender with a very trendy appearance, while giving you a generous sum of Accessories. Having being equipped with an identical spring tension of X4 labs Top-Tier model the Luxury Edition, it will award you with accelerated results, and an abundance of additions to help buffer you with a prosperous sum of accessories for your entire quest of penile traction therapy and some more.

Examining the spring tension and quantity of accessories that are included seems extreme, hence the name of the edition. Wedging itself between the Premium and Luxury, it gives consumers a more complete spectrum related with the consumers budget.


Penis Extender Features

Possessing the maximum spring tension of any extender on the market with 3600 Grams, it will accommodate expectations at an accelerated speed. Having an astonishing 8 Comfort straps and 8 Silicone Nooses paired with foams to go with each. Realizing everyone is unique in size and shape, X4 labs implanted this mindset into their product, leaving no chance of it not fitting.

Created from 100% medical grade silicon, the comfort straps help model the image of quality behind X4 labs products. Having evenly placed grooves running along the straps, you easily can identify the perfect fit. Countless gimmick penis extenders have been flooding the market; they frequently share the complications of being hard to take off. X4 labs have included giant tabs at the top of the comfort strap, which creates an effortless struggle to dismantle the extender.

Generally the noose method is the generic practice in penile traction therapy. Operating past the generic design, X4 labs has included latches on the base of all their models, which easily enables you to painlessly secure the silicone noose in to avoid any form of slippage. Gimmick extenders void the functionality of the latches, which causes many complications with slippage and soreness.

Branding memory foam with every edition, X4 Labs provides you with an authentic perception that this is a top-tier product. Clinching the memory foam and composing itself to its original shape, secures that the foam is evidentially memory foam. While competitors foam are constructed with cheap materials and seemingly poor quality.

Penis Enlargement Forum Ratings
Medical Safety Grade 10 Medical Grade Materials
Conclusive Results 10 Highest Spring Tension
Comfort & Convenience 9.5 Customization Fits All
Price & Value 10 Best Price For Value
Innovation 10 Includes Quad Support
Overall Quality 9.5 Made in North America
Confidentiality 9.5 Package Is Very Discreet
Customer Service 10 Fast and Efficient
Warranty & Guarantee 10 Lifetime Warranty
Shipping 10 Fast and Accurate

Including 2 Velcro straps, adding this additional third method that is usually only available with the Luxury Edition, gives you maximum customization.

What’s the Difference?

Being Limited it has the chance of separating itself from current X4 Labs packages, by including an Infinite Quad Support, and 1 month supply of Sinrex. The quad support grants you the functionality of mixing and matching different X4 labs methods of wearing the device, which gives you the most customization out of any extender on the market. Including a 1 month supply of Sinrex gives you the option of sampling one of the industry’s finest male enhancement pills.

X4 Labs Extreme Red Edition Pro’s

  • Meets Medical Grade
  • Trendy Appearance
  • Maximum Spring Tension
  • Includes All Fastener Types
  • InfiniteFit Quad Support System Included
  • Sinrex Dual Synergy Male Enhancement Supplements
  • Lifetime Warranty

X4 Labs Extreme Red Edition Con’s

  • Moderately More Expensive
  • Red Color Doesn’t Look as Medical

Comprehensive Review Conclusion

I would promote the Extreme Red Edition to consumers who want a trendy appearance with a balance of accessories, illustrating amazing value by including the Infinite Quad Support and 1 month supply of Sinrex.  Having Limited Stock of this Edition, it might not be best pondering and being indecisive, I would act since quantities won’t last.