What You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery to Increase Length and Girth

penis-enlargement-surgeryRecently a prominent plastic who specializes in male genital enhancement named Dr. Marcellino revealed the many risks and costs involved with penis enlargement surgery.

For starters, as many of you can imagine, penis lengthening surgery entails surgeons cutting the ligament inside the penis. The ligament is the same one that holds a penis so that it hangs at a natural angle. When this ligament is cut, the penis hangs lower, which makes it look longer. But this is only cosmetic, the penis itself is not longer. And this only shows on a penis when it is flaccid.

As far as surgery to increase penile girth goes, it is very similar to the method used for facial rejuvenation known as PRP. This uses fat from the patients body and not any external implants or products. Usually this fat is harvested from a patient’s legs or stomach.

Many view surgery as a quick enlargement fix. Which is actually true. The typical procedure only takes about one hour to complete. However, that is just for length enhancement surgeries. Girth enhancement usually takes an additional 45 minutes. Keep in mind doctors recommend that patients refrain from having sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after a surgery.

Successful surgeries can increase length by up to 2 inches and girth by up to 1 inch, depending on the patient’s current shape and size. The length gains, although only cosmetic and apparent during a flaccid state are permanent. Also, it worth noting that patients have no say in how much length is achieved with the surgery. However, for girth procedures, Dr. Marcellino recommends patients return every year, for what he refers to as top ups.

Male enhancement surgery is a major surgery, with major risks. Patients can experience infection, bleeding and extreme pain in the first few days. Although it is said to not affect your erection quality, in may alter the angle of your erection. Most patients do not experience a change in erection angle, but some do, about 10%.

Overall, Dr. Marcellino claims that the surgery is not so much about enlarging the penis as much as it is about re-shaping it to look more appealing. Basically making the shaft of the penis proportionate to the head. Experienced doctors know how to alter a penis so that it does not look misshapen after the surgery. So you can think of this type of surgery as shaping the penis, not just enlarging it.

It is obvious that a major surgery of this type requires a top physician. It goes without saying that you should not be looking for a bargain. Dr. Marcellino charges about $7000 USD for length and about $10000 for both length and girth augmentation. It is worth noting, as with any cosmetic surgery, that truly professional doctors often reject patients if they feel that the issue is more mental than physical. Only about 30% of his candidates have what he would call a small enough penis. Another 30% of candidates requesting surgery have an average size penis, and doctors often recommend counselling instead of the procedure. The rest tend to have larger than average penis sizes and are rejected all together.

As a matter of fact, he claims that they only actually offer the surgery to about one third of the men screened for it. So basically even if you have the money, and want the surgery, you will have to show why it is reasonable to undertake such a risky procedure or get turned away.

This is a lot to take in. Remember these are facts coming from an individual who earns his living performing these types of penis enlargement surgeries. Considering the length results are only apparent in a flaccid state and that the girth procedure requires yearly surgeries to maintain gains, we don’t think there are many instances where this is a good idea. We do appreciate doctors being honest and forthright about the risks involved though.

When you review the successful gains attained by so many penis extender users and penis exercise enthusiasts, it seems like a no brainer. Go with penile traction therapy for penis enlargement. There are no side effects or risks involved, the results are permanent for both length and girth and it costs a fraction of what surgeries cost. It is also reported to improve your erection quality and function. And when you pair that with penile exercises, you only increase your chances for success and bolster your results.

At the end of the day, we all must choose for ourselves what we want, and what we are willing to risk for a bigger, longer, thicker, stronger penis.